10 Animals That Are Eaten Alive By Human Around The World

Animals That Are Eaten Alive

With human evolving and developing its senses with the passage of time, he has established himself at the top of the food chain. This ability has made him the master of the planet and he has an unsaid ruling influence over other animals. This ability to rule and dominate other animals can be seen from his eating habits also.

Animals That Are Eaten Alive By Man

Here we have brought a list of 10 animals that are eaten alive by human.

10. Sannakji Octopus

The dish is popularly known as “Sannakji”. This served in two ways: either the tentacles of the small octopus are cut or it is served as a whole. This dish is meticulously prepared and octopuses are obtained of highest quality in order to give the best taste to the customer. The dish is served with sesame oil and it is served in Korea. This dish is highly demanded as when chewed, the octopus is live and the tentacles are still wriggling which gives a unique experience to the eater.

9. Ricci Di Mare

This is a famous thing in countries like Italy. The sea urchin is eaten alive. People need to eat the roe- which is the edible part of the dish and is located inside the urchin. So they either cut it with scissors or tear it with their tongue directly.

8. Odori Ebi

This is an expensive dish and contains a shrimp or an arthropod crustacean. This is a type of Sashimi fish and is deep-fried. It is served with other shrimps which are still alive. The main reason for this dish being costly is that it requires high skill to prepare this. It is important that this be prepared in very short span of time in order to keep it eatable and tasty. The shrimp only dies finally when being chewed or eaten completely.

7. Drunken Shrimp

This is served live with a drink named “Bijiu”. This is a main course dish and several shrimps (around 10 in number) are served together. Many times this is not served live. The noticeable part is that the shrimp, if live, is not stationary in the platter. It keeps on moving and trying to escape. The customer has to catch the shrimp and stash it his mouth. Even it keeps moving if not chewed to death properly.

6. Noma Salad

Yes, this is a famous restaurant we are talking about and among all its famous dishes; we have this salad on our list. The specialty is that this salad containing lettuce leaves has ants crawling on it. The salad is frozen so that the ants are moving slowly but they are live. The salad is charged somewhat for 300$ and is one of the highly acclaimed products of this famous restaurant.

5. Frog Sashimi

This dish is prepared on the order of the customer and a live is taken out at the moment. The best part is that when it is served, it has the heart of the frog which is still beating. Upon receiving an order, the frog is taken out from the storage and cut open on a platter. The sashimi bits are removed and the remaining part of the frog is simmered to make a soup.

4. Casu Marzu

It comprises of a cheese made from sheep milk. But there is a catch, this cheese contains maggots. Larvae of the fly is brought to decompose it faster and they secrete a liquid known as “Lagrima” into it. The maggots itself are present into the cheese and they are eaten alive by people in Casu Marzu. Moreover, they tend to move and escape while they are being eaten and creates a wriggling sensation.

3. Ikizukuri

If you are wondering how people can eat Frog Sashimi with a live-heart, then you need to take a look at this as well. This dish also comprises of sashimi. Upon receiving an order for the same, the chef guts it and it cut in such a way that when you will eat the fish, you can that its heart is beating. You can observe its other organs which are moving and its mouth is also moving while it is being eaten mercilessly by the customer.

2. Ying Yang Yu

Obviously Ying Yan Yu is the one which has recently been in the news worldwide for being in deep controversy regarding its usage and debates over its consumption but still this stands as one of the top dishes in our list. The dish is prepared extremely fast and with a high level of care so that the fish remains alive for around 30 minutes till it gets served and eaten. Here the head of the dish is kept intact and alive whereas the fish is deep-fried.

1. Oyster

The most shocking fact is that one cannot predict whether the oyster is alive or not. Oysters are always sucked immediately when they come out of the shells. There is one more dangerous fact attached with oysters, that they devolve very fast once they are dead and they die as soon as they get separated from the shell.

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