10 Awesome Facts About Coffee

Coffee, a beverage, that a lot of us would never give up on. It is an integral part of our lives. It is more of a companion. It is a drink you need before you kick start the day. But, do we know much about this drink. If you are a coffee addict or a coffee fan in general and can’t start your day without it, you just need to need to know these 10 awesome facts about your favourite drink. So, just for all those people, who pledge their allegiance to coffee for life, here are top 10 awesome facts about coffee ..

10. Coffee is a fruit .. Can you believe it?

Yeah…There is no typing mistake here…Coffee indeed is a fruit. It is a type of berries. Coffee is obtained from parts of these berries that grow on the coffee plant. We are so used to hearing the term “coffee beans” that we may actually perceive them to be beans which they are not. The only reason coffee is associated with beans is because of their resemblance to beans.

9. Brazil .. La La La La

Brazil is the undisputed and unbeatable leading producer of coffee all over the world. Vietnam and Columbia hold the second and third place in coffee production respectively. In 2011, Brazil produced twice as much coffee as Vietnam and Columbia produced together. This statistic has stayed the same for the last 150 years.

8. Hawai .. The only U.S. state that commercially produces coffee

Hawai, the land famous for its beautiful beaches, is the only U.S. state that commercially produces coffee. Coffee is usually grown in equatorial regions but Hawai is an exception. The Hawiian coffee is usually called Kona Coffee.Huge amount of coffee is exported from Hawai.

7. 100 cups of coffee can kill you

Coffee comprises of a drug called as caffeine. Caffeine gives you the kick and energizes. But, if you drink 100 cups of coffee at a go, it could prove lethal. 100 cups of coffee at a stretch can kill you. But, drinking 100 cups of coffee is practically impossible as you will start throwing up before you touch the 100 mark.

6. Arabica and Robusta

Coffee can be broadly divided into two types-Arabica and Robusta. These two types differ in terms of their tastes and caffeine content. The caffeine level is higher in the Robusta beans than the Arabica beans. 70% of the world population consumes Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee is usually available in parts od Africa and Indonesia.

5. New York drinks 7 times more coffee than the world

New York is known for its fast lifestyle. It is also known as the city that never sleeps. So, it is just common sense that they keep themselves awake most parts of the day and night and to do this they drink coffee. It is usually coffee that wakes you up completely after your eyes are still half shut in the morning. The people of New York also drink 7 times more coffee than the rest of the world. You could credit this statistic to a coffee shop on every corner of the road in New York.

4. With respect to trade, coffee is a major commodity

Coffee is the second commodity on the trade lists which is traded across different parts of the world. Coffee is consumed all over the world and in large quantities. It thus makes it obvious that as there is considerable demand for the commodity the supply of this commodity will be high too. Coffee accounts for a fair share in the world economy too. 90% of the world’s coffee farming happens in developing countries.

3. It is staple to the diets of a lot of people

After water, if there is something people consume in most parts of the world, and something that has become a staple drink for a whole lot of people, it is coffee. Yes, coffee is definitely popular. It has become a significant part of a lot of cultures.

2. Coffee can replace fossil fuel

The earth is facing a lot of problems at the moment. One of the main issues that the planet is facing is the shortage of fossil fuels. A lot of alternate materials are being looked for to be used as a substitute for fossil fuels. And on top priority, the materials that are being looked for need to be organic so that they do not contribute to increasing the pollution problem that we have at hand already. Coffee, is a potential organic fuel. An experiment was carried out by British engineers in the year 2001 where they used coffee beans as fuel to run a car. The experiment was successful and hence in this way the world earned an organic fuel. So even if we run out of supplies of fossil fuels we know how to solve the problem.

1. Coffee initially was to be eaten .. It wasn’t a drink

Coffee that we’ve known forever to be a beverage was actually a dish to be eaten instead. African tribes made coffee balls. These were eaten for instant energy boost. When the caffeine kicked in, you became energetic. But, these balls weren’t as tasty as they sound to be. The coffee we drink is way better in terms of taste. But then, they come in handy when you need instant energy.

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