10 Best Feelings That You Can Have

Although life is filled with a lot of moments; moments that make you feel happy and the moments that can make you sad. Life is an ongoing process, it goes on and on. A person experiences different moments in his entire lifetime but there are some moments that one cannot explain. These moments remain with us in our memory and no matters after how much time we remember them, they leave a big smile on our faces. These are the best moments that a person can have in his lifetime and they make him feel the inner happiness.

Here is the list of 10 best moments that make an individual feel like out of this world.


10. Going School For The First Time

Some students would not agree to this point because they feel that school is one of the most boring places but trust me you will definitely remember your school days. The fun that we have in our school cannot be measured. The school life is considered to be the best part in any person’s life. They do not have any responsibility; they enjoy life like a free bird. The importance of these moments are realized when it’s over and gone. No matters how old you become but remembering the fun that you used to have in school would definitely make you feel beyond this world.

9. First Love

Love is the special feeling that makes you feel out of this world. The people who have loved someone can understand this pleasurable feeling. Loving someone and being loved by the person you love is something you cannot explain. Lovers create their own world and all they want is to spend time in their own world. No matters how bad your first relation went but you always remember the first person you have loved till your entire lifetime.

8. Last Exam

No one likes exams but being a part of this educational system you have to give different exams during your academic period. These exams are designed to test your knowledge and skills. Giving the last exam of your life is one of the amazing feelings to have. It gives a sense of satisfaction that your hard work and dedication would give you the desired reward. The last exam of your life is as important as your first exam but the feelings are entirely different.

7. First Job

During your entire educational career, you are worried about getting a good job and when at the time when you are sitting in the interview room a little flashback of your journey repeats in your mind and when you clear your interview and get the first offer letter for your job you feel like that your hard work has paid off. Making for the first job is an amazing feeling. The moment when you take the offer letter in your hand you get the feel of responsibility and satisfaction at the same time. This is one of the special moments that you cannot describe; all you can do is to feel the happiness.

6. Marriage

Well, the next special moment is getting married to someone you have choose to spend your entire lifetime. Marriage gives a feeling of completing yourself. Now you have the responsibility of a new member and you have to care his/her till your last breaths.

5. Your First Child

Your child completes your family. The moment when you first take your child in your hands make you feel like, “it’s my complete family”. The feeling of becoming a father or mother is beyond this world. From being a child to having your own child make you feel special and this feeling leaves a tremendous amount of happiness in your life.

4. Your Accomplishments

It is said that the way you act and behave is what defines you. Your accomplishments are one of the many things that make you feel proud. Your first home, your first car or anything that made you put all your efforts always gives you the proud feeling.

3. Making Your Parents Proud

Your parents have done a lot of things just to give you all the things that you wanted. You owe a big debt towards your parents and the moment when you make your parents feel proud is one of the best feelings in the world.

2. Becoming A Role Model

All of us follow someone in our life. He is our role model. He can be anyone, your father, a movie star or a politician. You always admire that person and always wanted to be like him. A role model is one of the greatest sources of motivation in an individual’s life. So if I ask you that what it feels if someone follows you or want to be like you? You would not be able to explain that feeling. Knowing that you are the one who inspires someone or motivates someone to do good things is an amazing feeling. Not everyone is able to feel this feeling but the one who does can understand the happiness.

1. The Feeling Of Satisfaction

One of the best feelings to have is the feeling of satisfaction. The moment when you feel like that you have done everything in your life is the best feeling to have. Although it would come at a very later stage in your life when you will see all your children settled, your partner being happy with you. All your hard work and sacrifices have paid you off and all you want is to spend the rest of your life with your better half.

These are some of the great feelings that the individual has once in his/her lifetime. All these feelings give a great sense of happiness and satisfaction and when you remember these moments, they leave you with a big smile.

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