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10 Best Food Markets In The World

Where ever we live, in order to sustain we need to fulfill the necessity of nutrition by buying what we require from the near by market and consuming it. People live in cities, towns, districts and colonies, some have market places near their houses and others have to travel for hours to reach such spots of exchange. Some people live in an area having huge markets others have some near the roundabout near their houses. What if the food market you go to is the best in the world? Here are top 10 best food markets in the World!


10. Borough Market – London, England.

This market is one of the oldest in the world being 250 years old. A wholesale and retail food market located in central London, it is a delight for the foodies. From olive oil, cheese to Boar burgers and sausages, this market is a hub for suppliers from allover United Kingdom. The market only operates two days a week and it’s key offerings are fruits and vegetables. Over the years the market has evolved and expanded it’s base regarding the variety of offered.

9. Cours Saleya – Nice, France

This one is a beautiful flower and fruit market and remains crowded every day . It is a perfect place to watch people, sit back and enjoy coffee in the restaurants lined up in the market. Amongst flowers and fruits, animal specialities like lambs testicles, pigs ears and head amongst more commonly found food items are sold in this market which witnesses great hustle bustle during summer times.

8. La Vucciria – Palermo, Italy

Palermo’s history has been that of a conventional center, and ‘vicciria’ which means ‘noises’ is an appropriate name for a market place like this where people are found bargaining and haggling and purchasing goods all day long. All kind of fresh sea food, meat and herbs are found in this market

7. Kauppatori – Helsinki, Finland

Located in the central square of Helsinki, this market deals with all things arctic. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations and attractions of the city and offers a wide range of products. Be it Bear Salami, Moose, Salted licorice or Reindeer this market offers distinct and many delicacies.There is an all year round ferry link that connects this market to the people and is bustles with activity all day.

6. Kreta Ayer Wet Market – Singapore

This market in Singapore is located in the Chinatown and is a spotlessly clean market. Why do they say that? Because it’s floor is hosed down twice regularly for hygiene. Hence the term ‘Wet market’. The food which is served there ranges from frogs to creatures unimaginable but all edible. Even medicinal animal part and live animals are sold to be cooked by your own.

5. Mercado central de Santiago

The central market of Santiago – Chile and hence the name, Mercado was opened in 1872. This market boasts of sea food including extraordinary sea creatures and fish. The market is housed in a structure made of iron roof and supporting structures and features vaulted ceilings. There are onsite restaurants as well in the market offering freshly prepared dishes from the catch of the day!

4. Ver-O-Peso – Belém, Brazil

Ver-O- Peso is a market hall in Belém area of Brazil and is located on a riverside. the name comes from the colonial era tradition of past times. Nowadays Fish, Berries, Iron goods, Art, Meat, native fruit and parfums are sold. This market is famous for the fresh catch that the fishermen bring early in the morning.

3. Castries Market – St. Lucia

Tthe largest open air market in Saint Lucia , it has 300 regular vendors and a hundred and more local vendors selling their supplies. This market was constructed in 1891 to improve the town’s appearance. At that time the building became a central hub and dealt in meat,fish,spices, herbs, crafts and dry goods. Nowadays fish is not sold and meat is not slaughtered on the premises but a person can buy almost anything in this market.

2. Union Square Greenmarket – New York City

This market was founded in 1976,and had a mission behind it. To provide opportunity for farmers to sell their produce and also the New Yorkers to get the freshest of produce.
It began as 12 farmers selling the produce in a parking lot in Manhattan and now it has become the largest and the most diverse urban market place. It has 54 markets and 230 family farms and fishermen providing the produce for the people.

1. St. Lawrence Market – Toronto, Canada

This market has operated since 1803 and redeveloped in 1970s and 1990s. The area where it exists, shows a mix of business showcases and homes and shows urban regeneration. It is one of the major markets in Toronoto and has variety of areas to shop, be it food, bakery, meat, Deli products and more than 120 retailers are witnessed there retailing everything from sea food till coffee. This market place was termed the best in the world by National Geographic in 2012.

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