Better Things To Do Than Watching TV

10 Better Things To Do Than Watching TV

A list of things to do can always be handy when you’re sick and tired of simply flipping channels with the remote. Not always are the repetitive sitcoms an idea of fun. They can become really monotonous. Also, watching TV is physically and mentally unhealthy. And come on, when you put yourself into thinking about it, there are a whole of better things to do than watching TV. Munching on potato chips and popcorns while watching TV is not the best thing left to do. There could be many more. Just follow the list to know some…


10. READ

Reading is always a good habit. Anytime you’re sitting idle, just grab a book and spend some time reading. For once, even a magazine will work. It serves as a past time and also widens your horizon of knowledge. It’s much better than sitting and watching TV shows that simply make no sense. Reading relaxes your mind and also aids your concentration power.


Exploring nature and its beauty at times is also a good idea of getting yourself involved into something worthwhile. Don’t just keep yourself locked into your apartment but take a walk and breathe some fresh air. It’s healthy and incredible for spending time alone. Appreciate the beauty of nature and take in its intensity. It’ll soothe your mind and will leave you relieved.


Music soothes your mind and soul. It makes you travel to another world where you find yourself grooving with the lyrics. Listening to soft music can actually be appealing to the soul. At least you’re relaxing yourself. So plug in your earphones and go through your playlist of soft songs. Most of you are already into this habit but those of you who haven’t done it yet, give it a try.


We all have that one hobby which we love to invest time in. Well, why not do this rather than wasting time in watching TV? What’s yours? Maybe it’s painting, writing or any other. Just concentrate on it. You have some talent so just utilize it. It can lead you towards mastery at something. Don’t let it go waste. Construct something new.


At times like these when you’re busy figuring out how to kill time, your room decoration can be your rescue. Design your room the way you like it. Tidy it up. Rearrange the furniture and your wardrobe. You’re the boss so work out things as per your choice. Go on changing things till you’re finally satisfied.


Most of us get wrapped up with our favorite TV shows and don’t spend much time with our family. Getting engrossed in TV makes us forget the importance of family. Well, it’s really imperative to spend time with them. If you live in a family, then you need to realize that there are people around you who expect you to spend time with them. Also talking to your loved ones always makes you feel better. So just shut down your television and go it with your family.


Most of the people nowadays, spend most of their free time in front of the television with their favorite characters rather than their real life friends. This sure isn’t good. You should catch up with your friends and talk to them. Whenever free, just make a plan and hang out with them. And if you don’t do it, we can’t say about your TV shows but you’re surely going to miss out friends from life.


Giving preference to TV over a bit of relaxation is not something to be proud of. You can’t miss out on your TV shows but can surely do the same with your sleep. This is seriously not recommendable. For once stop straining your eyes with the TV screen and close them for some rest. Especially if you’re a working person, a soothing sleep is necessary.


Sports are not only a better option than watching TV but also keep you fit and fine. Also going out to play some sport can help you in making new friends too. A game of badminton now and then is a good choice. You can join some clubs so that it keeps you occupied. Don’t be a lazy lad. Watching too much of TV on the couch leaves you inactive. So avoid it and do something worthwhile.


Cooking is something really useful for all be it a man or a woman. If you know it, well and good but if you don’t then learn it. Perhaps when you’re alone at home, you can try cooking yourself something good. Bake yourself a nice dessert. It’s much better to learn something new than wasting time over watching TV.

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