10 Bizarre Things You Should Know About Sausage

Sausages are the most ancient form of processed food made, and also grown to be the most favourite meaty snack. It has its own variations in different parts of the world and has more often than not been associated with weird facts. We are going to go over 10 such facts in the list below.


10. Sausage, A National Food

Sausages are not just the named favourite food by the people all around the world, we have countries naming it as the national food. The germans believe the culture of sausage eating arose in Germany, and associate sausages to their history. They have Currywurst their national food. It is a hot pork sausage seasoned with tomato ketchup and curry powder. It was first made by Berliner Herta Heuwer in 1949 when she was experimenting with the rationed ingredients provided by British soldiers living in the capital.

9. Sausage Museum

Sausage has been loved for so much, that it is not only a part of the national dish of germany, but they also opened a museum after it. Currywurst is the best loved sausage by the Germans. In 2009, the snack turned 60 years old and a mark of respect and celebration a museum named after it and about it was opened, with a welcoming slogan of, “Currywurst is more than just a sausage – it’s one of life’s experiences in Germany.”

8. Sausage Academy

German’s first made it their national food, then opened a museum to emphasize on their love for sausages, and then went all out to open a Sausage Academy, which offers a diploma, and masters degree in their favourite meaty snack. It is located in Neumarkt. The academy makes you a sausage experts, as well teaches about the best lagers, mustards and types of music to accompany each variety of sausage.

7. Sausages Have Been Named Banger

Sausages were named bangers during the time of the World War II. They are the most ancient processed food that came into being. During the War, they were considered to have a higher percentage of water, due to the scarcity of the other ingridients and hence when cooked were more liable to explode because of the high concentration of steam generated inside the sausage. Hence they came to be called as bangers.

6. Served As Wedding Food In Celebrity Weddings

Celeberities haven’t been shy is showing their love for this meaty treat, as they served them out for their weddings. Footballer John terry and his bride Toni Poole, served it in 2007 for their wedding. Same was done by Kate Winslet, Ketie Price and Peter Andre. Sausages have a fan following all round the world.

5. Racing Sausages For Sausage Lovers

Around the 90s Klement’s Racing Sausages, the mascots of the Milwaukee Brewers game in Wisconsin formed a tradition of running a race which is held before the bottom of the sixth inning at every home game. It started off with just three sausages – the Brett wurst (bratwurst sausage), Stosh Jonak (Polish sausage) and Guido (Italian sausage). Eventually, the Frankie Furter (hot dog) and Cinco (chorizo) were also included. They even had a 5-k fundraiser organized in July, 2014.

4. Longest Sausage

The World’s longest sausage was made during the British Sausage Week, 2000 at Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. It was for Asda Stores Plc by J. J. Tranfield over three days. The sausage was about 59.14 km long, which is almost 36 miles. It weighed about 15.5 tonnes. It is a registered Guiness World Records.

That’s about the longest single sausage in the world. But people have repeatedly attempted in making the longest sausage chain and this record is broken time and again. The recent record holds for a sausage chain that measures measures 3,543.65 m (11,626.12 ft 6.05 in) and was achieved by VZW Worstenfeesten (Belgium) at Kerkhofstraat in Vlimmeren, Antwerp, Belgium, on 15 August 2013.

3. Sausage Monument

This meaty treat has a monument dedicated to it in the town of Mundare, Canada. It is dubbed the ‘Giant Turd’ by the locals. It is 42-foot-tall structure in shape of a Ukrainian sausage, built as a tribute to the Stawnichy’s Meat Processing factory. It is a family-run sausage factory of the area which has been running for four long generations and still within the family. It is famous for its kielbasa. They have a reputation for having the best Ukrainian sausage in all of Canada.

The Stawnichy family overlooked and funded the construction of the structure which weighs about 12,000 pounds in the year 2001. The structure is made of fiber glass and hence, can withstand 160 km/h winds and is surrounded by four flags representing Canada, Alberta, Mundare and the Stawnichy brand.

2. Sausage Record

Records have been held by people for eating most number of sausages or hot dogs in short durations. There is an annual hot dog eating competition in the United States which is considered the country’s biggest competitive eating event — the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. In 2013, the winner of the competition ate 69 hot dogs and bun within 10 mintues, only to beat his previous year record.

1. Most Expensive Sausage

The most expensive sausages in the world—everyday hot dogs sold in Sweden by the United Nations Development Programme’s Nordic Office for a fantastic price of 999 Swedish kronor or around US $130. The most expensive sausage sold in the markets of Britain was made from Fillet steak with Champagne and truffle and cost £20 a pack.

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