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10 Countries That Disapproves Gay People

Law has evolved from cultures and traditions governing the society but if the social trends are conflicting, even the law seems helpless in that case. Human race has unique identity in terms of caste, color, race, religion or languages which has divided the social strata on several issues and one of them is the sexual orientation of a person. Different nations have different laws for homosexuals. Where one allows homosexuals to live freely and even participate in decision making bodies of the nation, others completely abhor them to the level of passing laws to award them death penalty. Here are 10 countries which completely abhor gay people.


10. India

Though this country is known for its culture and traditions, this nation has different opinions in judiciary when it comes to homosexual relations. In 2009, one of the Indian courts de-criminalized gay relationships but 4 years later, the apex court overruled that judgment. In Indian society, the youth are also divided on the issue and right wing parties strongly oppose this. Moreover, plethora of customs, religious sects and traditions are against this and tag this as “opposed to natural sex habits”, unusual and illogical as well.

9. Singapore

The conservative attitude is well known here but it is biased in Singapore when it comes to homosexuals. If the person is involved in female homosexual relation, this is well manageable but if the same is done by male members of the society, then it is a problem. Though the frowning is mitigating with the passage of time but still there is long way to go for wide acceptance. Many TV shows have been subjected to severe criticism and even fined heavily for inviting gay celebrities. So publicly, it is an offence to be a gay in Singapore.

8. Russia

The largest country of this world does not have a big heart for gay people and the political class has passed a law discouraging homosexuality. But the situation is worse than it seems, covertly it was alleged that police can kidnap children of gay people. The organizations and people fighting for gay rights have been targeted specifically. LGBT people have been beaten, threatened, forced to leave homes or publicly humiliated as well. Russia is well known for its harsh censure of LGBT folks out there.

7. Northern Cyprus

This part of European Union is noticeable because here the normal mentality of EU, that is, tolerance towards gay people is not followed. Talking in legal terms, gay sex is 100% illegal and police can initiate action against the law-breakers. It is ruled by Turkey and lies north to Cyprus and interestingly, none of these two is against homosexuality. But this norm is reversed here in Northern Cyprus and you can land up in hot water if you belong to LGBT.

6. Uganda

This is not intolerant towards LGBT rather it is against their very survival; this country has seen introduction of “death for homosexuals” bill many a times. The media here believes in publishing the details of homosexuals and carry along a piece of provocation to kill them brutally. Legally, one can land into jail for 14 years of his life if he is a gay in Uganda.

5. Jamaica

Being a gay here is what can make you feel “what hell looks like”. You can be picked up by police, beaten by people, harassed by government officials, humiliated by your college officials any time for being a homosexual here. The police will throw you into jail, beat you until you lose your conscious or charge you under strict laws and you won’t be able to appeal against this inhuman treatment because this nation hates gay people.

4. Afghanistan

Never ending war zone country of Afghanistan has been no better than the rest for homosexuals. The areas where the legitimate government has some control, it is tolerable as per law that you won’t get a death sentence. But we all know what the areas controlled by non-governmental bodies are more in number and you can be executed, harassed or beaten to death for being a gay.

3. Turkey

It is not a crime to be a homosexual here but bypassing the law, the LGBT are picked up, tortured and beaten in police custody without any justification just because they are gay. Though it boasts of being a modern democracy but this attitude does not let it be so. The Trans genders are regularly harassed by the general public.

2. Nigeria

According to a survey 98% of the people are against homosexuality here. If we recall the days of dark ages when bizarre methods like lynching the criminals or stoning them to death were practiced, we can relate it to Nigeria because this nation does that even today.

1. Iran

Definitely this theocratic stands strongly against homosexuality, reason being its legal framework which recommends so. Gay people are brutally treated, tortured, humiliated and even beaten to death here. This nation is known in the whole world for its hatred of gay people. Not only the law enforcing agencies, but the local thugs and Islamic groups can target the gay people and turn them into a dead body instantly, sometimes in the name of honor killing or rectification of the malpractices.

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