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10 Countries with Bizarrely Specific Downsides

Man grew from a loner to social animal, civilizations grew further and we developed continents, countries, states, cities. each nation has its own plus and minus today and they make that nation stand out of the crowd. But sometimes, they make them do so on the negative side. Here we bring to you the 10 countries with strange unusual downsides.


10. Mexico, dearth of dentists

It is very irritating when you see an advertisement of a dentist asking you a gum’s problem or examining your cavities on TV, but in Mexico, you will not hate that because it is rare to find dentists there. According to a survey, there is only one dentist for 10000 people in Mexico. The kids have no enthusiasm to make in dentistry and so the future of this field also stands dark such that the people might have to travel half of their country to get their dental problems fixed.

9. Love books? Don’t try Turkmenistan

Well if you are a book lover and have loads of reading material in your cupboard or a plethora of books in your shopping cart online, then definitely Turkmenistan is not a country for you. the nation had allowed only one book that was written by its dictator leader. The book was sent to space as well. Interestingly, when the new leader took over, he allowed a second book and that was written by his own self. So only two books are allowed there.

8. No random stranger chats in Scandinavian countries

Well this has been observed by many that except the survey takers or service providers, you will hardly find the Scandinavian people getting into random conversations with people whom they do not know. This does not mean they are not helpful when you are in need, definitely they do. Though this has been attributed to their professionalism and ethics, but this has also caused many people to come out with many theories about this. According to a survey, only 2 out of every 10 people will not fall into this category.

7. No Christmas in Uzbekistan

Even a country like Iran, which has 98% of Muslim population has allowed that but Uzbekistan has not. Uzbeks constitute majorly of Sunni Muslims and amounts to as high as 81% of the population. The country is notorious for being deeply involved in corruption, its also known for child slavery. Christmas and any type of broadcasts are also banned and can lead to severe action by the law enforcing agencies.

6. Mali has got music banned

A country with US and French forces patrolling down the street, militants controlling many areas and poverty creating a ruckus in a common man’s life, you can even come under fire for humming. Parts of Mali have music banned permanently, guitars are smashed, records damaged and singers are forced to banish here. No partial rules, m usic is completely banned in all forms and types. Period.

5. Women are hard to find in Faroe Islands

This place, is a secluded island situated between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and comes under the administration of Denmark. The shocking fact is that its men have to import brides from nations like Thailand and Philippines because this autonomous country has been running short of the female species. This has posed a severe problem for the men who live in the middle of the sea enjoying the warmth of mother nature but deprived of their conjugal rights unfortunately.

4. Venezuela is short of toilet papers

Hygiene is becoming a huge concern these days in Venezuela. Except Human Rights abuses and smuggling issues, this has taken the shape of a serious problem as it is running short of toilet papers. The shortage is of such a level that even laws were tabled for its production to be handed over to the public sector. The police and army had raided different warehouses in hope of getting some toilet paper in their custody. Quite bizarre , this country is now facing smuggling of toilet papers.

3. Pitcairn islands has high percentage of child molesters

Yes its shocking as well as shameful but 10% of the people you will find in Pitcairn Island are Pedophiles, that too convicted ones. It is the least populated jurisdiction in the world. Even the mayor of a city has been convicted in sexual crime and the British had set up a prison on the island.

2. Bulgaria is miserable

In the modern era when countries are shifting to Gross Happiness Product from Gross Domestic Product, this country has failed badly in providing any relief to its citizens. The sorry state of the nation is that people of this country are less happier than many of the war-infected countries of this Earth and living a life of hopelessness.

1. Belarus is struggling to save its citizens from Beavers

It has become a routine matter out there in the nation where number of beavers has reached as high as 80,000. They attack the children, have become a headache for the elderly and kill anyone as per their ferocious will. The fire fighters have been given the duty to fight with this weird but dangerous beaver force which has posed threat to everyone in Belarus.

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