10 Disadvantages of Sitting on Chair for Longer Hours


Many of us have sedentary desk jobs, some of us love playing video games hoping on the chair and some of us love to watch television for long hours. Many researchers have already proven that whatever be the reason, if you are spending too much time sitting, your health is at a major risk. Get moving if you do not want to compromise with your health.

Here are the ten reasons why you should not spend much time on the chair.

10. Blood Circulation is affected

When you sit on chair for more than four hours, according to studies it is shown that our body send harmful signals. The blood circulation becomes poor if you sit for long hours on chair. The circulation in the pelvic region and the lower limbs is most affected if you spend your time sitting. Sitting results in pressure on the hip area and subsequently the lower body does not receive enough blood. if you have to sit for longer hours at your office or anywhere do some exercises that will help you maintain the blood circulation.

9. Bad Posture

If you will sit on chair stooped or in a bad posture for longer durations it can be more dangerous for your body. Poor back health results in degeneration of tissues and also results in weak back muscles. Other problems caused due to bad posture are pain, shallow breathing, poor brain circulation and poor activity. It also results in strain in neck and back which results in swelling.

8. Obesity

An obvious fact, if you will not do any activity and sit at the same place stuffing all kind of junk food you will become fat. Even you exercise and still spend hours on chair you may become fat. The fat majorly accumulates around the waist area in your body so if you are desiring for that sexy waistline, keep yourself away from the devil chair. F you are exercising and then spending long stretches of hours on the chair then you will not be benefited much by the exercise. One must do some physical activity throughout the course of the day.

7. Efficiency of lungs gets reduced

Shocking isn’t it? How can just sitting on chair be harmful for your lungs? No, chairs do not release obnoxious gases but sitting on chair can cause a bigger problem. People who sit on chair for longer than 3 hours have higher risk to developing clot in the lungs, called pulmonary embolism. Spending hours sitting on chair results in a sluggish blood flow which results into blood clots in the lungs. More the hours spent sitting higher is the risk.

6. Brain gets affected

Even your brain gets affected if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity is the main cause behind many brain problems. The only advice you can get for keeping all your parts functioning properly is to get moving. The more you sit, your memory centre, hippocampus starts deteriorating faster than it would have if you were not sitting so much.

5. Causes digestive problems

When we eat our food it gets broken down in the digestive tract and hence we get the various nutrients in our body. Sitting for long hours results in slower digestion as the abdominal area crunches.

4. Back pain

Out of 10 people, 8 people suffer from back pain due to sitting on chair. We put stress on our back muscles when we are lounging on the chair in front of the computer screen or whether we are doing some important work. The ton of stress on the back is the major reason behind the acute back pain. You must already know that it is the spine that helps to keep our upper part of the body straight and upright. The lower back has to take up all the weight of our upper body while we are sititng and hence it causes the pain.

3. increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

Spending too much time on the chair is harmful for our heart. The increased cholesterol level and the poor blood circulation is the main reason behind heart diseases. Increased cholesterol level is the main cause for heart diseases. Studies have proven that people who do not move much get more heart attacks. By making small changes in your daily routine you can keep your heart healthy. Stand and talk on the phone, use a standing desk if you have to spend hours on the desk work, etc.

2. Increased cancer chances

You must have never thought of this, parking yourself on a chair for longer intervals can cause such a dangerous and deadly disease. Cancer is a condition in which some part of tissues starts multiplying abnormally resulting in the formation of malignant tissues which destroys the nearby tissues in the body. Research has proven that longer hour of sitting increases the chances of colon as well as breast cancer.

1. Eye Strain

What if you did not have eyes? How would you have seen the beautiful world around you? Since God has given you such a beautiful gift, why do you have to waste it by straining it too much? When we sit on chair our ciliary muscles gets strained and tired which results in headaches and poor eye sight.

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