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10 Excited Creative Things to Do on Some Famous Hill Station

If you are planning a vacation in a famous hill station in the world, do not reconsider your decision. Hill stations are set on top of a hilly area makes them a sight to behold. There are so many things you could do during your holiday at a particular hill station. In this article, we will explore ten creative and exciting things, you can do while there. They include:


10. Enjoy a picturesque view of the underlying features

Since, most of hill stations are positioned on hills; they provide a better view of the surrounding natural features. At their footsteps, there may be a lake, a beautiful gorge or a valley. From a higher ground, you are able to see most of these features.

9. Go hiking

Most hill stations have areas where you can hike making the experience overwhelming. In most cases, some areas around the peak are not covered by human developments; hence, they provide great places for hiking. You can explore the area, either on your own but it is more fun, when with a group of friends.

8. Boat riding

For those hill stations, which are placed ashore of lakes or oceans, they make the best places to boat ride. You will like a boat ride especially when it is sunny and the sea waves are calm.

7. Engage in water sports

Besides boat riding, if the hill station you are visiting is surrounded by a large water mass, it will offer you a nice platform for all water sports. From boarding to swimming, your days will be well spent and enjoyable.

6. Beach activities

If the hill station is lucky enough to have a beach, you can immerse yourself fully during the day. You can do all the beach-related activities including sun bathing, sand bathing or idling around, looking at the waters. Then at night you can enjoy the nightlife of the city high up on the hill.

5. Visit the zoos

Some hill stations have parks and reserves for wild animals. If you love the tranquility of the jungle and the wide variances of animal species, you will certainly love to visit animal parks. They are good places to escape the insanity of the city.

4. Have a botanical walk

A walk through the forest at the hill station will expose you to various species of flora and fauna. You will also have an opportunity to ask the guide whatever you may want to know about the features and the species you will encounter on the way.

3. Go to see waterfalls

Some hill stations are also endowed with a waterfall or a series of falls. You can enjoy the view of the amazing natural features and take some pictures too.

2. Go kayaking in the rivers

Owing to their high elevation, most hill stations are also blessed with rivers. Some of the rivers are large enough to allow for kayaking and other water sports.

1. Explore the historic city

Every hill station has some history behind it. There are lots of tourist attractions to explore, some of which dates back to some centuries or decades. You can visit some of them, during your vacation and get to learn what led to the development of the particular hill station.

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