10 Fascinating Facts about Cookies

The aroma of cookies has been always enough to melt your heart. Just the smell of the combination of butter and sugar brings a smile on your face and deep felt hunger pangs in your stomach. The bakery world is famous for cookies, as they are the most enjoyed bakery items all over the world. The demand for cookies seems to be increasing so much so as people have come up with varied combinations, each including distinct flavour, ingredient, and packing of these lip smacking cookies. Some of popular demand includes peanut butter, chocolate-chip, Oreo, and so on, which are just not enjoyed by children by adults too. The sense of smell is the strongest among human beings. Freshly baked cookies on the dining table waiting for me as I returned from school always bought a smile on my face. According to a popular survey done in 2008 by Holiday Inn, 80 % of the corporate feel that the choice and quality of the Biscuits or Cookies positively influence the end effect of the meeting.

Some of the interesting facts about cookies or biscuits, whatever you call them are:


10. Eaten with Knife and Fork

Well, you must have eaten almost everything with a knife and a fork, but have you tried it with your favorite cookies? Before you think we are fools, People in the Middle East eat their cookies topped with chocolate sauce with a knife and fork. So next time you are traveling there learn the art of eating cookies with a knife and fork.

9. Enrich the flavour of your cookies

A better flavor and fragrance is always preferred. To achieve this, let the dough of your chocolate chip cookie sit in the refrigerator for a day or two. After the recommended duration remove the dough from the refrigerator and bake it to enrich the flavor of your otherwise chocolate chip cookies. Moreover dunking your cookies in milk give you 11 times more flavor than what it originally has.

8. For the Pickiest of Eaters

We all have that person among our family members or friends who is very picky about food and no matter how exotic the dish, they find a reason to dislike it. For all those pickiest of eaters, chocolate chip cookies are proven to be among only four foods that are acceptable to such choosy eaters. So, now you know what to gift to such a member in our family or friends. And just for information, the other three are French fries, fried chicken, and Marconi and cheese.

7. Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies have become quite famous over the time. The inspiration is derived from Chinese soldiers. During those days these soldiers inserted rice paper messages in the moon cakes to strengthen their defense system and co-ordinate with them against Mongolian invaders.

6. Spike up your sugar levels

Definitely not for people who are trying to shed some weight. But for others, who want to spike up their sugar levels, give cookies a try. The cookies are made with the help of white flour which is instantly metabolized in our system. Hence this has a direct, boosting effect on our sugar levels.

5. Official State Cookies

Who knew that one could have an official state cookie also for every state in the county? Well, three of the US states have an official state cookie for them. The official cookie of Massachusetts is chocolate. In 2011, Pennsylvania too opted for chocolate cookies as their official cookies. Bizochito, a crisp flavour cookie with anise and cinnamon is the official state cookie of New Mexico.

4. Packing of the Cookies

Have you ever wondered why most of the cookies come in round boxes and not in square shape? Well, round is not the favorite shape of the makers, it has a logical reason behind it. The round shape enables them to be stacked inside each other to have enough space while being transported.

3. Popular among sea voyagers

Cookies have always been very popular among sea explorers. Cookies were the only tasty food that managed to stay fresh and crisps for so long. Hence, they soon became a part of sea voyager’s staple diet.

2. A cookie from the Titanic

We all know the history of the gigantic ship Titanic. You will be surprised to know that in the year 2001, a cookie which was taken from titanic before it met with its ill fate earned Euro 3,525 at one of the auctions in London. It is describes as ‘in almost perfect conditions with signs of molding, in of the magazines.

1. Toll House Inn

The Toll House Inn which is in the grand old USA is the birthplace of the chocolate chip cookies. The cookies sold here were considered the best selling brand and was termed as Nestle Toll House. This place was however burned down on New Year’s Eve in the year 1984 much to everyone’s demise.

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