10 Good Manners Everyone Must Learn

We, Humans, as Social Animals, are obligated to live in a Society. And also not just living here matters, we also look for acceptance. For being accepted and loved, we need to shape ourselves in a particular fashion. Good manners are what help us to be accepted and loved. It gives an edge to our personality. It helps us polish ourselves and behave at our best. There are a few basic manners that one really needs to imbibe in oneself, The top 10 good manners a person should necessarily learn for the betterment of oneself and others are penned down below.


10. Use Your Magic Words

As we grow up, we lose the habit of using the magic words that in normal circumstances we use very often as children at the insistence of our parents and teachers. This is one habit, our teachers work very hard to inculcate in us. So, try and make it a point to use as many of these magic words even when you grow up. Say Please, Thank-you, Sorry, Excuse me often. It sounds polite and pleasant and succeeds in spreading positive vibes too.

9. Stand In Queues

There are too many of us who do not keep queues and skip them, thinking it is no big deal. But, in reality, we end up creating a lot of chaos, confusion, breaking rules, and sometimes it gets nasty when skipping queues sparks fights. So, learn to keep patient and keep the queue. It leads to things working systematically. Next time, think before you skip a queue because you end up doing more damage than you think you do.

8. Don’t Forget To Greet When You See Someone … By The Way, Good Day

Yes, say Good Day to someone you know and spot in the course of the day. And keep a smile on your face for people who you don’t know personally. It not just gives you a pleasant personality, but makes you and others feel positive and optimistic about life. And it so makes the other person feel good about themselves. And a smile or a greeting doesn’t cost you anything, does it? Not even much of an effort. So smile and greet.

7. “Use Me”, Says The Trash Can

Whenever you litter, you tend to pose a threat to the existence of the planet. Yeah, the position is this serious now. Whenever you need to throw some trash, please throw it in the trash can, that is where it belongs. Do not throw it on bare earth and spoil things for mother Earth any further. So, yes, this is a very important habit you need to inculcate in yourself for the greater good. Because we live only until the planet sustains. So, stop littering.

6. Sit Properly … Get Your Posture Right

Your posture is another important thing that you need to pay heed to. Don’t sit in a posture that is not just uncomfortable for you, but is equally not desirable to witness for the person sitting across you. So, sit properly. Keep your back straight. Sit decently, with your legs placed right. Your posture needs to be worked on over time and doesn’t come instantly. Don’t slump or slouch. Sit straight.

5. Avoid Name-Calling

We are used to name-calling from the time we are kids. We also tend to jokingly call our friends various names. But, we need to realize that name-calling hurts if done beyond limits. We need to draw our lines and know where to stop. We shouldn’t be a reason for someone getting hurt. Name-calling can have a serious impact on sensitive people.

4. Hold The Door

When you walk across a door to any place, make sure to hold it for the person ahead of you or behind you. It is one good habit that shows courtesy towards the people you come across in your day-to-day life. It is good manners to be helpful in your own little ways. Next time, you pass through a doorway, don’t forget to hold the door.

3. Watch Your Table Manners

When you’re out for dinner at a friend, relative or colleague home, get your table manners right. Avoid dropping your food, swallow your food before you speak, don’t overstuff your plate or mouth with food. These are a few ways through which you can develop good table manners and not create awkward situations for yourself as well as others.

2. Personal Hygiene

Your personal hygiene is one of the most important responsibilities you hold toward yourself. Take a good bath every day, brush your teeth, wash your hands and face often, cut your nails regularly, wear clean and loose clothing, Eat Healthy Food. Take care of yourself-body and mind, in both these aspects. Very rightly said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

1. Respect

Respect is a very strong word and a very noble virtue. Learning to respect is one of the ultimate of good manners, one must imbibe in one’s behavior. Looking at the person when they talk, listening to what they say, being polite, etc. are the little things we can do to show our respect towards the people in our life. Respect should come irrespective of age, success achieved or nature of a person. Be at your best and forget the rest. Learn to respect, that is the only way you earn it for yourself.

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