10 Habits That You Should Quit Today In Order To Become Social

Have you ever felt that people ignore you or you are not socially accepted by your friends and everyone prefers maintaining some distance from you?

If these are the same situations that are faced by you then it’s time to stop and think that what is wrong with you that people always ignore you. You might have felt various embarrassing situations and as a result you have decided not to talk to anyone but wait this is not the solution. If something is wrong then you have to fix it, you have to find the reason why do people ignore you. Creating a socially cut off zone would not help. In order to become social you have to change your habits. It is obvious that if people ignore you then you are the one who have the problems and in major cases our habits are the reason that pushes us into a socially inactive zone. No one would like to spend his life without having a friend, so take a stand and change your habits in order to become more social. Here are the habits that you should quit today in order to become more social.


10. Dealing with anger inappropriately

Anger is the main cause of every problem. Losing yourself completely at the time when you are angry make people feel bad about you. Your friends would not bear any of your yell and scream. They would try to calm you but if anger is your habit, then be ready to lose your friends. Therefore it is very important to control your anger. Learn to control your anger and how to express yourself when anger strikes you without hurting your loved ones.

9. Bragging about your accomplishments

No one would like a person who constantly brags about his or her accomplishments. These accomplishments belong to you why you brag about them to your friends. If you feel proud about your accomplishments then limit that pride to yourself, bragging about them to your friends would make them feel that you are so obsessive which is in no way good for your social image.

8. Gossiping about everyone

Gossiping about others is not a good social habit. Once people realise this habit of yours, they start ignoring you. Do not spread rumours about anyone, stop interfering in other’s business and try to be more social by contributing your ideas and values into people’s life only when needed.

7. Arguing about everything

Some people have the serious problem of correcting other people on their mistakes. Being argumentative is good when you are in a debate competition but this is life so stop correcting people. You do not need to prove that you are right, do not try to change their mind rather focus on how you could help them improve.

6. Stop pleasing others

You should not try to please everyone all the time because you cannot make everyone happy and there is no need to make them happy by doing what they like. Instead you should try to be genuine. Try to become more willing by giving in your ideas when neeed. Pleasing others sometimes annoy them so quit this habit today and start acting more genuinely.

5. Stop pointing others

If you are the one that see only negative points in a person then you will definitely end up having no friends. Stop pointing others and help them overcome their negative points. Try to motivate them by making them feel good about their strong points. Boost their confidence and support them full heartedly.

4. Do not disrespect

If you want respect for yourself then it is very important to respect others. Respect what other people feel, listen to them and keep an eye contact with them at the time of talking. All these points would make them feel good and this would create your positive image in their mind. Everyone wants to be be listened, give your best effort in every conversation and appreciate them for their thoughts and values.

3. Do not talk much about yourself

Do not talk about yourself too much. Give others a chance to speak, take a genuine interest at the time of every conversation. Talking about yourself would make people tired so make the conversation bidirectional instead of focusing only on yourself.

2. Stop focusing on your point of view only

Focusing only on your point of view without knowing what other’s point of view is not a good social habit. Try to listen to what other people feel before putting your point. If you are not satisfied then ask questions, but do not take away other’s chance to put in their thoughts.

1. Stop complaining

Complaining about everything is not at all a good social habit. It would make them feel useless, so stop complaining about different things and try to appreciate other’s effort. the people who complains more end up having less friends and it is not like that you are the perfect one. therefore stop complaining and unite to improve each other.

In order to live a good social life, you should immediately quit the above habits that limits your social life.

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