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10 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Need An Education Degree

Despite the buzz for college degrees in the past couple of decades, many people still look at college degrees as optional paths towards adult life.

There are a number of reasons for this – the sky-rocketing cost of a quality degree, the extended period of time they take to acquire and the fact that despite having sacrifice both of these, a good job in your desired field is not always a guarantee.

For that reason, we can take a look at the different careers one might decide to take that don’t necessarily require a college degree to excel in, and can still command an interesting remuneration.

Of course, salaries and job opportunities will vary from region to region, but these are all great ways of working without needing a degree.


10. Insurance Agent

One guarantee that insurance agencies come with is that you’ll never be out of work.

Owing to the clumsy nature of humans, we’re always getting into all sorts of trials and tribulations, and people will always seek to minimize risk by employing an insurance agent. What’s more, you can make more as you get older (due to the growing number of clients you have) and it’s a job that offers a lot of flexibility with regards to time and engagements.

9. Electrical Technician

In several places, electrical technicians do not require college degrees to get jobs.

With the booming need for specialists in electronic circuitry and computer repair, the number of skilled workers in this field far outweigh the number of people opting for college degrees, and employment trends have reflected that fact by giving more chances to people who can prove that they are capable of actually doing the job as opposed to having a certification claiming they can. It is not one of the most thrilling jobs available, but the potential to work in large projects is often a great attraction for young professionals.

8. Funeral Director

Unfortunately, this is the single job on this list that guarantees a steady clientele.

As the global population pushes towards the record-breaking 8 billion, the number of deaths a year should logically decrease, right? Wrong. Estimates suggest 63 million people die a year. That number is probably much higher.

That means that as a funeral director, you’re definitely going to be getting many people needing your assistance to pay their final respects to loved ones, and it is your compassion and ability to give them a fitting farewell, rather than a degree, which will make them work with you.

7. Executive Assistants

In today’s big corporate world, skills of any kind can be harnessed, and the ability to manage someone’s life effectively is one of them.

Executive assistants can be found around the world – and many of them are not college graduates. All it takes is a great deal of organization, quick thinking and complete concentration at all times (amidst a number of other things) and one can find a job as an assistant in a large company. The salaries are often quite high, but there are long work hours and plenty of fluster when getting events ready.

6. Luxury Hotel Manager

Formal education is a skill that is often wiped out when it comes to dealing with people – here, experience and know-how are far more valuable.

Luxury hotel managers very often stem from completely different fields or wear their rags-to-riches stories on their backs, but that’s not in vain. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a lot a quick thinking to make it as a hotel manager, because we humans are notoriously fickle creatures. It is much more appreciated in the industry to be able to deal with people than to know the theoretical principles behind hotel management.

5. Music Producer

Whilst being the most volatile and insecure job on this list, it is also one of the most rewarding in a creative sense.

Music producers are people that do not require any formal education to become successful – very often, it is the skills that you’ve picked up throughout your life that will matter. A good ear for talent, patience and good connections are far greater assets in the capricious music industry than a college degree. It also places many people in their elements by making one attending meet and greets and other social events necessary to keep the business running.

4. Land Surveyors

Land surveyors are often people who go about their work unnoticed, but gain attractive recompense and get to work outdoors at all times.

They get the chance to draw maps and create boundaries for both large and small projects, and are often crucial to any project. For those who enjoy working in the outdoors and taking part in major constructions, this is an ideal job, as it grants you both without requiring four exhausting years of formal education.

3. Web Developer

Web development has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the IT sector, and it will only rise as the Internet’s power and influence grow.

Competition between companies of all kinds has hit the Internet at a frantic pace, and web developers all over the world are submitting high-quality work to rivals in every industry in order to get them to have a more client-friendly website.

Most companies hiring web developers are only interested in their ability, and college degrees and other diplomas are of no consequence. What is more, this field allows for plenty of freelance work, so you can complete projects in your own time.

2. Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots get to take to the skies just as much as airline pilots – but without the added weight of formal education.

Whilst lots of training is necessary before you are entrusted with a cockpit, more and more young pilots are gaining entry into this market due to their skill and ability to excel in that particular aspect of piloting.

Once all your certificates are complete (which shouldn’t take more than a few months), the skies are yours for aerial photography, rescue operations and charter flights.

1. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Although this might not sound like a very “healthy” job, it is another one that is very interesting but requires no college degree.

While it may sound like dangerous employment, it is not very difficult, as most of the work is carried out by machines.
However, one must definitely have high levels of concentration and be extremely responsible, as any dumb mistake could reach catastrophic levels.

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