10 Love Stories From The Holocaust

Love Stories From The Holocaust

Holocaust has brought those moments which most of us don’t want to recall. It gives an impression of widespread hatred, violence and bloodshed. But for a few of the survivors, it has brought the best; the love of their lives.

Love Stories From The Holocaust

Here we are going to tell you about 10 love stories from the holocaust:

10. Jerzy Bielecki And Cyla Cybulska

Cyla was the only female member left alive from her family and arrived in the camp during the second world war in 1943. Jerzy had been working there for three years. He saw her and they used to talk stealthily and ultimately fell for each other. Jerzy stitched fake uniform, forged documents and eloped with Cyla. Jerzy joined the Polish fight against the opponents and they parted. Both started their different lives and met after 39 years. Cyla found out his phone number and they had met for over 15 times while living in different continents.

9. John Rothschild and Renee

This story had several twists and turns but eventually love won over all odds. They got engaged in 1939 and soon after this, John went to Switzerland to give his national service and Renee found a job in France. The French territories were under an army commander and John decided to get Renee out of the camp. He left his place and brought gifts for the commander and work papers for Renee. Finally they managed to get through the town and somehow cross the Swiss French border. They married the same year and are living happily with each other today.

8. David And Perla Szumiraj

They had worked together in the potato fields and share of glances via eyes helped them made a place in each other’s heart. When the soviet forces came, they were transported to different camps and lost hold of each other. So finally, David sent one of his friends to a camp in Hamburg and fortunately, found her. They decided to get married and move to Argentina, but could not afford the immigration fee. So they got themselves smuggled to the destination and lived happily for 60 years.

7. Margrit And Henry “Heinz” Baerman

Henry was left to survive on bones of dead people in his camp and he had sharp decrease in his bodily strength. Margrit requested her commander to let him in her camp so that she could take care of her. He was allowed and she looked after him but they had to be separated soon. After the war, Henry found her by ways of postcards and contacts and they moved to Chicago after they tied the nuptial knot and lived happily.

6. Manya And Meyer Korenblit

They were two teenagers madly in love with each other in the town of Hrubieszow. They were arrested by the forces and thrown into concentration camps. Fortunately they were into same camps and sometimes found time to talk to each other. They had decided to wait for each other in the same city once they attain liberation. For three years, the lived separately in several concentration camps oblivious of the whereabouts of their partners but finally they made it to the destination and met each other.

5. Joseph And Rebecca Bau

This is the famous marriage which featured in the film “Schindler’s List”. They loved each other and married in the women barracks of the Plaszow labor camp. Joseph was an artist and he crafted several fake documents to save lives of many people. Their marriage had taken place secretly because had they been caught, everybody would have been killed to death. They are celebrating their 70th anniversary this 2014 and their marriage is celebrated as a symbol of hope every year.

4. Gerda And Kurt Klein

Gerda was awarded a presidential medal of freedom by the US president Obama some time ago for her works in human rights. She was one of the Jew women who were abandoned in an old factory. Kurt Klein was a soldier who came for their rescue by the US forces. The man’s mannerism and gentle behavior touched her and they both fell for each other which eventually lead to their marriage a year later and they started working for the humanity.

3. Howard And Nancy Kleinberg

Bergen-Belsen was a horrible camp where dead bodies were lying haphazardly and people had resorted to cannibalism. Howard was badly ill and he was thought to be dead when Nancy spotted her. She looked after him and after liberation, both of them moved to Toronto. When he discovered that they are in same city, he reached for her and they both fell for each other. Today, Nancy recalls that she has been treated like a princess by Howard and the couple spends their life happily with each other.

2. Olga Watkins And Julius Koreny

This story involves real turmoil which the war had caused to many people. Olga had to travel 200 miles to meet her love but she discovered that he had been captured by Nazis and she travelled another 700 miles to find him. Unfortunately, she could not meet him and started her search again which finally ended in their meeting. Though they married each other, but when the Iron Curtain fell, they got separated again. Olga had written a book on her story as well.

1. Cyla And Simon Wiesenthal

This story had a brilliant climax in spite of having thin chances of meeting. Actually, after the war, Cyla and Simon were in Soviet and American area respectively so Simon hired a man to help Cyla get across the border. The man lost the address and hence he put a notice to find her. On finding more than one woman claiming her to be Cyla, he interviewed them and luckily got the right one. The couple met and married each other despite all odds.

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