Cherished Moments

10 Most Cherished Moments In Life

Every culture, religion, and nation has fixed some special days to be celebrated for some momentous reasons. These special, noteworthy days are generally referred to as holidays. Psychologically, holidays are considered rewards. Celebrating life with family and friends makes you feel rewarded for your never-ending hard work. There come a number of delightful moments in our lives, that we would feel like cherishing in the forthcoming time whenever we will imagine them. One should not wait for any special day to celebrate life; instead, we should live each day celebrating for some or the other positive reason. There is much merriment that is treasured by many people, for some specific same reasons.


Most Cherished Moments

Here we have listed the 10 most cherished celebrations in life:

10. Your First Gray Hair

Gray hair is often used as a synonym for a successful, settled person. The first gray hair symbolizes that your adulthood is gone, and now you are entering a new phase of your life. This moment is one of the most rejoiced instants in one’s life because it implies that the person has become successful, standing on his feet, and is independent. The feeling of achievement should be celebrated with the near and dear ones.

9. The First Medical Concern Attention

Recollect those pampered moments, full of care and consideration, when you got injured for the very first time. Reminisce the time when everyone around you was busy taking care of you, and you are soaking ahead the benefits of being wounded or ill. When in our mischievous and wicked plans we got injured, the foremost medical concentration we received in our lives is truly special to each one of us. So, when in the future, you get sick or injured, you will surely hark back to your first medical care and will indeed have a glowing smile.

8. Your First Experience Of Independence

The very first feeling of being independent is something that must be celebrated. Try to remember that time when you felt freedom, the carefree notion for the very first time, that moment must be one of the most important and to be remembered moments of your life. We always cherish our first night out with friends. The awareness of making use of your independence to the brim is one of the biggest celebrations of a person’s life.

7. The First Time You Ditch Your Loved One

A lot of valor and determination are required to ditch or dump someone. Splitting up with someone who once was very close to you and your heart needs courage. The decision to abandon your boyfriend or girlfriend is very difficult, especially when you are facing such a situation for the first time. After many years of such incidences, you will surely imagine those days with that person and will double up and rejoice in your emotional strength and courage.

6. The Very First Time Your Kid Helps You In Taking A Decision

The moment when you look at your ward’s advice or suggestion for the very first time, it gives you a feeling of immense satisfaction and fulfillment. When your child has grown up to a level that he can help you in taking decisions in your life, implies that all your hard work has paid to the fullest in bringing up your child. Such moments with the child are worth rejoicing for the parents.

5. The First Time You Wrestle And Win

The very first time you enter the world of competition, the sense of conquering and winning must be celebrated. This competition can be a casual wrestling match or any other contest, what matters most is your self-confidence, and the manner in which you deal with the contest. The moment of defeating someone for the very first time in life is the instant that remains alive throughout your life.

4. Your Wedding Moments

Hark back to the day when you were flawlessly dressed for your life partner, that divine day when you chose to tie up the knot with your special someone. The wedding day is that perfect day when you and your partner are in the ideal outfits, manners, and behavior, with an emotion of maturity and legitimacy within you. This day is one of the most cherished and memorable moments.

3. The Graduation Day

Graduation day is again one of the most cherished times of one’s life. It’s a wonderful occasion when all the students celebrate their hard work and efforts. Almost everyone experiences the feeling of fulfillment and achievement on their graduation day.

2. Birth of Your Child

The day when a child enters a couple’s life, is the most esteemed day for them. A child is one of the biggest rewards for a couple. The cordial feeling of excitement and cheerfulness to see their child entering the world in front of their eyes is one of the truly cherished moments. Witnessing your child’s birth is the biggest celebration of life.

1. The First Paycheck

Receiving the first paycheck is a cherished moment. Every person plans to use his or her first salary in some special way. Your first salary is the onlooker of all the hard work and efforts you have put in throughout the job struggle. Your own job and salary signify your accomplishments and the way you can assist yourself financially. This moment of achievement can be coined as the best moment to be cherished.

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