Most Expensive Food Items

10 Most Expensive Food Items In The World

The world is full of rich and famous people who have rare choices and tastes. With a huge bank balance comes huge demands, and the ability to splurge on the rarest of the rare or simply the most luxurious. Be it clothes, shelter or food they go for the best, the most expensive and the rarest of the rare which common people cannot even dream of affording!

Where food is concerned, the world is full of varieties and options to spoil the rich, and dig a hole in their pockets. The most expensive food items around the world are surely a luxury to be enjoyed.


Most Expensive Food Items

Here are the world’s most expensive food items which only people with great bank balances can support!

10. La Madeline au Truffle

Chocolate must be the most favorite food of the world. Be it kids or people in Old age, everyone enjoys chocolate in various forms. Easily available and the most in-demand all over the globe in affordable prices for the common man, to indulge in this sinful delight. But have you thought which must be the most expensive chocolate in the world? Well, the answer is here! Priced at $250 dollars the world’s most expensive truffle, French Perigord which is surrounded by Valrhona dark chocolate was named the most expensive chocolate of the world by Forbes Magazine. Made of heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla, and surrounded by powdered dark chocolate, this one is truly a mouth-watering delight to the eyes and a hole in the pocket too.

9. Westlin Hotel Bagel

A regular bagel is what one must have eaten, but a bagel of gold is one rare food item to find. This one is priced at $1000 dollars and created by chef Frank Tujague, of the Westin Hotel in New York. To do justice to it’s price, this bagel includes white truffle cream, Goji berry-infused Riesling jelly. This jelly includes Golden leaves with it, giving this bagel a distinct taste, look and price. The truffle used for the cream is the most expensive item of the world, and hence escalates the price. Surely a price one doesn’t pay for a bagel everyday!.

8. Luxe gold cupcake

Cupcakes, what a small wonderful delight in different colored creams and toppings. A cupcake is like happiness in a few bites, but what if the bites are full of Gold? Talk about a cupcake made of peach and champagne jam, Chateau d’Yquem buttercream and 24-carat gold leaves, you get a masterpiece in the form of a golden cupcake. Created by Food networks, the cupcakes are priced at $1,227 !!

7. Saffron

Taking the spot of the world’s most expensive spice, saffron comes from the saffron crocus flower.
commonly used in sweet dishes and heavy recipes for garnish and color and also sacred rituals in some cultures, saffron in it’s purest form costs $2000 in some countries because of the toil to gather around one pound of saffron.
Around 75,000 saffron flowers are dried to gather just one pound of pure saffron, hence the price! Mind-boggling price to pay for a spice isn’t it? The world doesn’t agree!

6. Wagyu Beef Steak

There are beef lovers all across the globe who enjoy a good steak at a decent amount of price, but the rich and the famous only go for the most sought after and the best. Wagyu beef which is raised in the Hyogo area of Japan and outside of the country too, is the most sought-after beef in the whole world.
Being rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, wagyu beef steak is the most expensive beef at a whopping price of $2800. The cows from which the beef comes from, are fed beer and massaged regularly to obtain the kind of beef people are willing to pay such a price for.

5. Pizza Royale 007 – World’s most expensive Pizza

Pizza being the pride of the Italians, became the world’s favorite dish because of it’s sheer taste and availability. With a pizzeria at every corner of the street all over the globe, it’s more or less like a staple diet for the foodies. But what about the rich and famous and their love for pizzas? Ta-da! The world’s most expensive pizza is the luxury they would dive in! Created by the Scottish Chef Dominico Crolla who believes his pizzas to be portraits, decided to name the world’s most expensive pizza at the James bond movie!
What makes this pizza to be at a whopping price of $4,200 are the ingredients used, which are the best for the best. A 12-inch pie which is filled with a marinated lobster in cognac, tomato sauce, caviar soaked in champagne, prosciutto, Scottish smoked salmon, vintage Balsamic vinegar and venison medallions is what makes this pizza special, but not without the cherry on the cake, or let’s say the Gold on the Pizza! This pizza comes topped with edible 24 carat Gold. True luxury must say!

4. Densuke Black watermelon

Watermelons are a fruit almost everyone has tasted, but what about BLACK watermelons? The variety of Densuke watermelons which is only grown in Japan, in the island of Hokkaido holds the place for the world’s most expensive watermelons. The harvest yields only a few of these watermelons per season which adds to it’s price of $6,100 for a fruit weighed 17 pounds. Apart from the rarity and color of these watermelons, what makes them more special is the taste. The crispiness and the level of sweetness is just perfect and incomparable.

3. Yubari king melons

Grown in Yubari region in Japan, these king-size cantaloupes are grown in greenhouses and are Hybrid. These are not the typical cantaloupes which can be found in the supermarket but the rare ones which are orange-fleshed. These melons are in demand all over the globe and auctions are conducted to get them. The most expensive Yubari melon was sold at a price of $20,000-$23000 dollars. These are in demand for it’s taste, it’s rare kind and the fact that around only 100 of these are put out on the market at once around the globe after it’s harvest

2. Almas Caviar

Being one of the luxurious food items all over the globe, Caviars too have the rarest and the best for the rich and famous to indulge in.
Beluga- Almas caviar, being the rarest food items from Iran. Imagine a food item so expensive as caviar, and then the price of the rarest of them all. Yes, this particular caviar is priced around $25,000 a box. Not some box we generally hold in our hands, but boxes made of gold, and that too tin boxes made of 24 karat gold carrying caviar in kilo basis. Being one of the rarest items of food, this caviar is sold in a store which is the rarest and best of them all in the world. This caviar is sold only in Caviar House and Prunier, which is located in Piccadilly in London. With the sky-high price for a box of caviar, comes great taste. Mouthwatering? Well if you want just a taste of it, you can get it in smaller boxes by digging a hole $1250 deep in your pockets for a smaller tin.

1. Italian White Alba Truffle

Truffles are difficult to cultivate, hence the demand a high price around the globe. But this particular Italian Alba truffle is the most expensive of them all. It is the rarest of the rare, and the most difficult to cultivate, hence the price tag of $160,000 for these truffle at 1.51 kg. The most expensive of them all was bought by a couple in Hong Kong at the quoted price.

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