10 Most Expensive Things that were Destroyed in History


Many people have the habit to collect antiques and expensive items. They believe that increasing the antiques in their gallery would increase the fame and it surely does. If you own some really expensive and the rarest items then it is obvious that the people know you and with increased antiques in your gallery the care to look after the marvellous art pieces also increases. It is only a matter of fact that a person owning an antiques piece would get hurt so badly if even a single scratch is made to the precious item and we definitely cannot imagine the level of pain that he would get if that expensive and rarest thing is destroyed completely. Well sounds too sad but true and our history has also witnessed the crash of many such expensive things. The damage that was caused is okay but then you will enjoy the facts that were associated with the crash of these things.

Here is a list of 10 most expensive items that were ever destroyed by accident or just for no good reason.

10. Most expensive car crash

There are many people who love their cars badly and backed in 2011 a car accident took place that is considered as the most expensive car crash in history. A bunch of rich business men were travelling in their luxury cars when the accident took place. In that accident 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes Benz and a Lamborghini were destroyed. Luckily no one was killed or seriously injured in the accident but the damage made was about 3.8 million dollars and that is enough to make someone cry.

9. The expensive chandelier

There is a mall in Kuwait where a chandelier worth 1.8 million dollars was destroyed for no good reason. Actually a pair of teenagers threw their shoes on one of the most expensive chandeliers in the world and destroyed the beauty of it but wait the best part is still to come. The teenagers who threw their shoes on the expensive chandelier were released without any punishment.

8. The Qing’s vases

Three of the most beautiful vases that belonged to Qing Dynasty were put for display at the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge. These vases were kept without any protection at the bottom side of a staircase. These beautiful vases were destroyed by a tourist who was tripped because of his shoe laces; he fell down from the stair case and smashed all the three vases. These beautiful vases that were smashed with a minute were valued somewhere around 400,000 dollars to 500,000 dollars.

7. The most expensive painting

Picasso’s La Reve is one of the most expensive paintings but the sad thing is that it was destroyed by its own painter while he was talking to his friend. He was gesturing at the painting and soon he threw his elbow right through the painting. The painting was evaluated somewhere around 139 million dollars and that one shot of elbow reduced its value by 49 million dollars.

6. The most expensive drink record

A bartender tried to make a record by making the most expensive drink that would be priced 7800 dollars but before he could make that record the unfortunate happened. Actually a customer request to hold the bottle of cognac, one of the ingredients of the drink which was yet to be added but the customer dropped the bottle and hence the dream of bartender. The bottle of cognac was from 1788 and was valued about 78000 dollars.

5. The loss of most expensive wine bottle

Thomas Jefferson was one of the big wine drinkers and not only that he used to collect some of the most expensive wine bottles. After the death of Thomas his wine reserves was distributed among the wine collectors. While trying to sell of the most expensive wine bottle that belonged to Thomas’ reserve it was accidently smashed when the seller collided with a waiter. The wine bottle was valued 500,000 dollars and this accident is recorded as the loss of most expensive wine bottle in the history.

4. The uninformed loss of platinum

Platinum is one of the most precious metals in today’s world but people did not know about its importance at the time of discovery. They used to forge gold coins and in order to get rid of the problem the government of Spain ordered to throw all the platinum into the ocean. This is one of the uninformed losses that history has witnessed. Platinum worth millions of dollars was dumped into ocean for no good reason.

3. Throwing the first harry potter book

JK Rowling the creator of the most famous book series Harry Potter did her first interview with Nigel Reynolds. The interviewer did not believe that JK Rowling would hit at the market and would grow so big. She threw the first copy of harry potter book after the interview which is now valued at 50000 dollars.

2. Most expensive aircraft accident

The most expensive aircraft accident cost NASA about 13 billion dollars. The space shuttle Columbia was completely destroyed making it the most expensive aircraft accident in the history.

1. Sinking of Titanic

Titanic sank in the year 1912. It was one of the most expensive ships that were created at that time. It took 7 million dollars to build Titanic at that time which is equivalent to 150 million dollars of present time. Apart from the money there was a major loss of 1500 lives.

These are the top and the most expensive things that was destroyed by accident causing a loss of millions of dollars

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