Violent Protests

Violent Protests: 10 Most Extreme and Terrifying Protests

Protesting was done by the people to attain something they wish to want. Since the government rule, people have had lots of problems in various manners and to overcome these problems, people came with a solution called as a protest. Some protests were calm and secure, while in some countries, these protests became extreme and even lives were lost in this play. Protest can become violent or peaceful based on the reason. People go for extreme methods when they feel that peaceful methods won’t be enough to make the changes they seek in the place. This will lead them into the extreme methods.


Violent Protests In History

Here are some of the most extreme protests in the world:

10. Afraid Of Sharks Extinction

Shark fin soup was a popular dish in the European countries. This led the fishermen to take only the fins from the shark’s body and then throw the rest back into the ocean. Alice Newstead, a performance artist was afraid that this practice will lead to shark’s extinction and so she painted herself like a shark and then made a large metal hook. She painfully pierced it under her shoulders flesh. She hung her body for about 15 minutes in the air with the hooks tearing her flesh and blood pouring down.

9. Protest against testing cosmetics on animals

In the year 2012, April, a group in London hosted a protest against animal testing. This protest featured a 24 year old Jacqueline Traide. She agreed to go through the testing process that is done to the animals in the industry. She was tied up and force-fed, while actually she was not injected with any chemicals or any electrodes were active, but the mock usage was done on her. Some cosmetics companies test eye makeup on animals, and so Traide had to go through that too. She even went through the extreme phase as shaving a strip of her hair for demonstration. If a human being is treated in a cruel way, then just think of the torture given to the animals.

8. Sacrificing himself for Buddhist Rights

In the year 1963, on June 11, Thich Quang Duc, a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist Monk burned himself in a protest against the Vietnamese government’s treatment of Buddhists. According to the Buddhist norms, self-immolation describes killing oneself as a sacrifice. This act was at least followed by 129 monks in China since 2009 to go against the China’s occupation of Tibet. Suicide is often considered as the extreme option in any society, but here, it is a sacrifice that may prevent the immolated from being reincarnated. They don’t want to hurt any others; self-immolating is carried out by them as an extreme act.

7. Protest against Violence towards women in Turkey

This protest was carried out by FEMEN, a feminist social activist group that was founded in the year 2008 in Ukraine. On March 2012, International Women’s Day, they ran into the streets of Istanbul, protesting against the violence and acid attacks against women. Turkey is the father of all violent activities against women. The main reason for the protest was, a man openly admitted that he killed his wife and then later axed his lover to death. They used nudity as a weapon for spreading the information. They used makeup to show the effects of acid burns. Paintings on bruises and wounds were on their body to take the attention to violence against women in Turkey. Police dragged the protesters and jailed. The members of FEMEN told that they were death threatened by the Ukrainian government.

6. Indian Villagers Took up Water Ways

Here, a group of Indian villagers stood in water for about two weeks to go against the government plan of opening the Dam. The villagers protested because they did not want to lose their home and land. But, the government claimed that the dam needs to be opened because the water was rising high above. The villagers claimed the government to provide them shelter after the destruction of their property. But, the government wiped off their request. So the people in the village chose to stand in the water for weeks. The protest went worse when the rain hit them and also the they were bitten by various water creatures.

5. “Thai” splashes their own blood on government

Blood has a strong symbolic power, and some protesters use animal blood to show their extreme action. But, the people in Thailand, recently protested against the government. They knew that blood had so much power, and the effect would be more if it was human blood. The protestors collected blood from the people and piled it up in the purpose of splashing them on the government buildings.

4. Man Pushes Nut Miles with his Nose

A UK man, fed up by the Dept from student loan, like many other people decided to protest against it. But, he had different ideas. He went without food for two weeks pushing a small nut with his nose for about seven miles until he reached the house of the Prime Minister.

3. Australian Refugees Sew their Lips

As we know that the refugees in Australia are always treated as criminals. The Refugees have gone through a lot of unbearable conditions by the government, such as being separated from the families and the visas for legitimate would take forever to process. We have seen many types of protests, while in Australia the refugees had a different method of Protesting. That is, sewing one’s lips together. In the year 2008, about 60 refugees sewed their lips together at a detention centre. In 2010, another 10 refugees took a needle and thread to their lips.

2. Boy Throws Himself in front of a Bus

Japan is a country that has high suicide rates and that too among the youths. The pressure to come front in life is so large and this had made life very competitive in this country. When a school merger was announced, most of the school students were upset. An 11 year old boy decided that he should do something to stop this. As he was very small, his voices could be heard only to a certain extent. So, he threw himself in front of a bus and left a note saying “Please stop the plan to put an end and merge schools in exchange for the death of innocent people”. He also sent a message to his mother telling that he loved her so much.

1. Protest against Arranged Marriage

Just think that you have a lover and you are about to live the best part of your life with her. But, unfortunately you are from a country where status and arranged marriage plays a prominent role.

A young Egyptian man fell in love with a girl from a lower class than him and decides to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. He tells his desire to his father, but in such countries marrying a lower class girl is a prestige issue. So, his father disagrees with his wish and tells him that he would find a girl of their status. Filled with grief and anger, he cut his Penis to not let the society decide their way. The doctors were not able to reattach the penis.

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