Most Haunted Cities In America

10 Most Haunted Cities In America

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that they exist? If you don’t then this article will surely let you believe in them. And if you still don’t believe it then you can definitely go to these places and try for yourself. America the most developed country, have some of the most haunted places in the world.


Most Haunted Cities In America

10. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Weston, West Virginia)

The once the state hospital, this asylum was home to several mental patients, starting in 1856. Several patients died in here until it was closed in 1994. Ghostly spirits are said to roam freely in here. The ghost are said to be dated back as far as the civil war, when the grounds of the asylum were used as the military post. But now the asylum is a beloved tourist spot for the ghost-loving people. The asylum now gives paranormal tour to the 4 main hot spots of the asylum for a 2 hour visits. And also an 8 hour overnight paranormal tour.

9. New Orleans (Louisiana)

The oldest cemetery in New Orleans is said to be protected by a Voodoo priestess. People who pass by the cemetery claimed to seeing and hearing her presence on the grounds. New Orleans was also a home to many slave owners. The owner used to torture the slaves a lot. The tortured spirits of the slave still haunt many places. Among them the LaLalaurie House was very famous. The lady of the house was well known for her tortures. The slaves she tortured are known to scare children and scream at night.

8. Estes Park (Colorado)

This elegant hotel is famous for its paranormal activities ad ghost hunting. You may recognize this hotel from the file “The Shining”. The well-known ghosts of this hotel include a boy who hangs around in room no. 1211 and a young man who likes to lurk in bedrooms and closets. Mr. Stanley the owner makes his presence on the hotel lobby and his wife entertains the guest by playing the piano.

7. Fort Mifflin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The old now restored fortress is built on the grounds of revolutionary war. There are 14 restored buildings on the grounds and plenty of ghostly spirits. Among the ghosts the screaming lady is famous. She screams so loud that Philadelphia police was called only to found that no one was there. Other ghosts include children, dogs, a faceless man and a tour guide dressed in revolutionary dressed.

6. Moon River Brewery (Savannah, Georgia)

The famous brewery of Savannah started in 1999, is also a home to some of the gruesome ghosts. Before the start of Moon River Brewery, it was The City Hotel, a famous hotel with a history of violence during the civil war. Many men were murdered in this hotel. The ghosts are apparently enjoying their stay at brewery. Many bar patrons have seen wine bottles mysteriously flying through the air. And many have been slapped, touched or pushed.

5. Jerome (Arizona)

The former copper mining city is now famous for its paranormal activities. The townhouses just 400 residents ( down from 15000 from its good days), but there are also many more ghostly residents in the town who died due to accidents in the mines or gun shootouts. One of the well-known ghosts is that of the well-known working girl Sammie Dean, a prostitute who was strangled by her customer. Her beautiful spirit still haunts the alleys in search of her killer who was never found.

4. Rush Gates House (Arkansas)

The home of Dr. J.O. Rush which he built along the railway lines for the people who had rail accidents. The home is now said to the home to many ghosts. People in neighboring home could see strange faces in the window panes. It is said that they are the spirits of the people who died in the house. The house is now used by paranormal schools for their research.

3. Preston School Of Industry (California)

Famous in the name of Preston castle was the best known reform school in US. It is claimed that the castle is haunted by its former wards as well as by the spirit of the house keeper, Anna Corbin, who was bludgeoned to death there in 1950s. The building is also featured in many of the haunted books as well as many paranormal activity programs.

2. Bara-Hack (Connecticut)

This whole village situated on private property and haunted. The property was abandoned sometime before the civil war. Since the early 19th century, visitors have claimed to see and hear sounds from the village and its cemetery, including singing, laughter and rumble of wagon wheels.

1. Clinton Road (New Jersey)

Clinton Road is a 10 mile long road. You will enjoy the ride there a lot as you will find many ghosts lurking around and following you on the road. The drive then will seem never ending. Claimed for paranormal activities, satanic rituals and phantom trucks to set you on a wild ride. The ride through the Dead man’s curve will be enough to give you goose bumps for a life time.

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