High Blood Pressure Causes

10 Mostly Famous Reasons That Cause High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure which is commonly referred to as hypertension is a situation whereby the heart is made to work extremely hard in order to ensure that each and every part of the body has its fair share of blood. This is what brings about heart failures in most individuals. Such conditions are caused by a number of factors and ten of the most glaring ones are listed below:


High Blood Pressure Causes

Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons that cause high blood pressure …

10. Smoking

This is the situation whereby an individual inhales a lot of smoke into his or her lungs all in the name of having a puff. What they really are having is a ride on a highway to death. The contents of the smoke that are inhaled whenever an individual smokes tends to have a very damaging effect on the cardiovascular system of the individual and that leads to the muscles of the heart becoming weak and therefore needing extra force in order to function properly.

9. Obesity

Being too much overweight is something that directly causes high blood pressure. Being overweight means that your body has a lot of negative cholesterol and this also tends to really have a very negative impact on your heart as it needs to really work hard in order to pump blood throughout the body.

8. Inadequate Exercise

When an individual does not exercise frequently and adequately the end result is that a lot of fats begin to build in the individual and when that happens there is just one outcome – the heart will have to overwork so as to supply blood to the various parts. This is due to the fact that the heart muscles are also made very weak if an individual decides not to exercise.

7. Stress

When an individual is under a lot of stress for a very long period of time it makes the heart work at a very fast rate and this is a very sure way to get hypertension.

6. Excessive Intake Of Alcohol

Taking of too many alcoholic beverages can lead to an individual becoming hypertensive due to the increased triglycerides which puts a lot of pressure on the cardiovascular system.

5. Older Age

As an individual age so does his or her organs and with such a situation the heart finds it very difficult to function properly leading to high blood pressure.

4. Hypertension Running In The Family

When there are incidences of various family members being diagnosed with hypertension then the possibility of an individual having such an occurrence at a point in his or her life is very high.

3. Severe Cases Of Kidney Infections

The kidney which has a very important part to play in ensuring that the circulation of blood within the body is done well and so whenever it becomes ineffective due to any disease a situation of rennin-angiotensin-system is created and this leads to the blood vessels becoming constricted. This, in the end, leads to the heart overworking itself and the end result is hypertension.

2. Taking In A Lot Of Sodium Chloride (Salt)

Spicing your foods with a lot of salt is also a sure way to put yourself in danger of getting high blood pressure as the sodium within the salt requires your body to get more water in order to remove all the sodium. This brings about the cardiovascular system overworking itself leading to high blood pressure.

1. Adrenal Insufficiency

Inadequate adrenal in the body leads to a reduced amount of blood that is able to circulate and this increases the pressure on the cardio system.

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