Muscle Building Techniques

Top 10 Effective Muscle Building Techniques

Every Man on this Planet would have at least dreamt of having a muscular body, while some are crazy about muscular body. Whatever be your category, being muscular will certainly add something to your personality and will make you confident. You can certainly raise your head and walk briskly with such kind of body. Men would want a muscular body for so many reasons, such as to show off or just because you have lost many attainable women to other muscular men or even for your own look. Many men would have hit the gym but would not have seen the result that they would have dreamt. Dr. Doug Kalman, director of nutrition at the MRA (Miami Research Associates) says that ‘most of the men who don’t see much difference in their body after going to a gym are just eating and exercising the wrong way’.

Don’t worry about that, here are some of the ways to fix it.


Muscle Building Techniques

Here’s a list of the best 10 muscle building tips and techniques:

10. Drink Milk before your bed

Take in 20 grams of proteins and carbohydrates before you go to bed. This suggestion is because calories will stick to your body during your sleep and reduce the protein breakdown in your muscles. Drinking milk before bed can nullify the worry. Again, as soon as you wake up, eat something which has proteins and carbohydrates. The more dedicated you are, the faster you will see the results.

9. Include Ice Cream in Your Diet

Consume a bowl of ice cream after 2 hours of your workout. This will help to trigger the insulin better than any other foods. This will help for better protein break down after your workout.

8. Give your Body something Every 3 hours

If you don’t feed our body enough, you will limit the rate at which your body builds new proteins. Take the amount of calories that you should each in a day and then divide it by six. This will approximately give you the amount of protein intake in a day. Make sure you also take in 20 grams of proteins every 3 hours.

7. Carbohydrates are the Key

Researchers have shown that our muscle builds up faster during the rest days if you feed carbohydrates to your body. Post-workout meals with carbohydrates will increase the insulin levels in your body, which directly will slow down the rate of protein breakdown. A Banana, a sports drink and peanut butter will do.

6. Lift every Alternate Day

Studies have proved that, challenging workouts have increased the protein synthesis for up to 48 hours after your workout session. Your muscle builds up when you take rest and not when you work out.

5. Plan Your Drink

A study by the University of Texas have found that, bodybuilders who drank a shake which contained amino acids and carbohydrates before their workout had increased protein synthesis more than the lifters who drank it after the workout. Since exercise increases the blood flow in our body, taking in a protein-carbohydrate drink prior to your workout will increase the uptake of amino acids in your muscles. Your shake should contain about 20 grams of protein. Drink about 30 minutes before your workout.

4. Focus on Biggest Muscle

If you are a beginner, then any workout would help in protein synthesis. But, if you haven’t hit the gym for a while, then you will build the biggest muscle quicker if you focus on them such as the chest, legs and back muscles. Pull-ups, deadlifts, bent-over rows, squats, dips and bench press can be added to your workout for faster results. Increase your repetitions and give a 60-second rest between each set.

3. Eat Plenty

Along with the proteins that you take in, eat more calories. Here is a formula that you need to follow to increase 1 pound of weight in a week. If you haven’t seen much result, then increase your calories by 500 a day. Here is the formula:

  1. Multiply your weight in pounds by 12 to get the minimum calorie your body needs
  2. Multiply the above amount by 1.6 to calculate your calorie burn without factoring in exercise.
  3. Power Training: Multiply your workout time (weights) per week by 5.
  4. Aerobic Training: Multiply the running, cycling and playtime with 8.
  5. Add the power training value and aerobic training value and then divide it by 7.
  6. Add the value of the 2nd point and 5th value to get the daily calorie your body wants.
  7. Add 500 to the above value.
  8. This is the calculated amount of calories your body wants to gain 1 pound a week.

2. Meat Will Help

Take in about 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight, which is approximately the amount of protein your body will use in a single day. The meat will also give you energy for your body to withstand various workouts. There is always a difference between a vegetarian’s body and a non-vegetarians body. This will help you to split up the daily calories between the fats and carbohydrates.

1. Maximize Muscle Building

The only way to increase your muscle growth is to increase protein intake. Our body performs a function called as the protein synthesis, where the proteins are broken down. These proteins are used to build up the muscles. But, our body is constantly using up the proteins for various makings. And so there is only less protein for body build up. In order to counteract this situation, you have to give your body enough protein to build and store new proteins faster than your body breaks down old proteins.

The above points had some tips and techniques to build your body more efficiently.
Follow these steps to have a great body.
As said above, the more dedicated you are, the faster you will see the results.
Bodybuilding ain’t an easy process; it needs hard work and dedication.

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