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10 Musicians who Rocked the World

Music is something that comes naturally to some people. We cannot simply define music in simple words. Music is an art that has the power to soothe. Listening to music gives a feeling of pleasure, a feeling of satisfaction and it relieves us from all the stress. Talking about the musicians who create wonderful pieces has their own unique style. The one who takes his art seriously and pledge to become ingenious in their art are the ones who become big. They get all the success and recognition from every person living on this earth. Well history has seen some of the greatest musicians who have rocked the world through their wonderful art. If you are music listener then you should know about these famous personalities who are remembered till today for the tremendous work.

So here is the list of top 10 musicians that rocked the world.


10. Miles Davis

Miles Davis is known for the smooth and flawless music that he made. He has been labelled as The King of Cool. No matters what it is Jazz hip hop, cool jazz or behop he knew it all. He was one of the musicians that ruled the world for about 4 decades. It is said that no one a play a trumpet in a way that Miles used to. He is the biggest source of inspiration for the young and new musicians who want to make their name in jazz genre of music. His work was so fabulous that no one who loves jazz and fusion can ever forget him.

9. Madona

It was the 80’ when Madona rose to fame; she was one of the few musicians that can fit into any genre. Many people consider her as a chameleon in the sense because she never sticks to one style. She was perfection in her music and that why she reinvests every single thing to make it better. Her music is like by millions of people and she is considered as one of the super musician whose music remains on the minds and hearts of people and the charms of her music still inspire a lot of people.

8. Bob Dylan

Mr. Tambourine Man was the song that made Bob Dylan famous. His contributions to the music industry are countless. He was a musician that leaves deep messages in his every song. His meaningful songs are liked by everyone and he continues to revere music lovers throughout the world.

7. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is considered as the King of rock and roll. He has his own unique style and character that gave him a lot of fame. His music contains an altogether different kind of charm. His sleek style, his vocal talents and his ingenuity helped in making him a lead figure of the music world. When it comes to rock and roll then his name will definitely be remembered.

6. Bob Marley

Everyone knows the name of this famous song writer and singer. He composition lists include many of the influential songs. His songs represent a kind of culture and heritage in them. He also made some of the most controversial songs but yet he is one of the most revered musicians who are remembered by the people.

5. Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong is considered as a talented and innovative musician who contributed a lot to the jazz style of music. He was also a member of jazz band which has made lot achievements in the history of music. His contributions are considered important for making the jazz music popular. His art and music touched many people and they were able to find meanings in his art. He is one of the most talented and innovative musicians that the world has seen.

4. Carlos Santana

Carlos got the essence of music right from his childhood. He believed that music can bridge the gap between cultures and people which can be easily proved from his work. He was an amazing musician who has insane guitar playing skills. He was the master of different music genres like rock, blues, salsa and Latin music. His style of music gave him enormous fame and his success continued for many years and even today he is remembered for his amazing talents.

3. Michael Jackson

It would be really difficult to find a person who has not heard the name of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He started his journey as a young boy when he was a part of Jackson Five but after the start he never stopped. He made many solos in his entire career. He had a unique style of music and his dancing styles made the fans go crazy.

2. The Rolling Stones

The rolling Stones were a team of amazing musicians who changed the image of rock music. It was the time of British Invasion when the band became popular and stormed the world with its music. They are still remembered for their extra ordinary contribution to the rock music.

1. The Beatles

It was a band that was made by four good looking guys but the good looks were not the only thing they had. There music was fresh and raw. Their music produced a mesmerizing effect over the people and it was their unique style that gave them a lot of fame and success. Even after their split their music tend to inspire a lot of people.

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