10 Places to Take your Girlfriend Out on a Date

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It’s often hard to find the right girl, someone who shares the same interests as you, understands you and at the same time, someone who can make you laugh and love like there’s no tomorrow! If you’ve found this perfect potion in a girl, don’t let her slip away!

Girls may come and go, but you always get just one chance to impress! Or so they said back in the days when you had awe inspiring first date, fell in love, shared a kiss and your future was pretty much set. Now however it’s different. Let’s face it; girls these days are a lot more… let’s just say they’ve evolved! They want romance, they want to have fun, but at the same time they want the entire date to be creative and thoughtful. All in all, girls these days are demanding and want a super- boyfriend.

But not to worry men, because we’re here to your rescue! Wondering how to keep the spark alive? Or simply wondering what the perfect place for a first date would be? Read on to discover the top 10 places to take your girlfriend on a date.

10. That Club Downtown!

Although going to a club is not perceived as that intimate a set up, it’s perfect when you just want to enjoy after that long hectic week. It’ll give you the perfect opportunity to really look into her eyes and let’s not forget, it’s the perfect place to let loose and go wild!

So how ‘bout having a fun night and getting your groove on? Give her a chance to let her hair down and wear that stunning dress and those heels! This is also your perfect chance to dress and impress! So get those classy boots on and dance the night away, literally sweep her off her feet and she’s sure to fall for you!

9. A Visit To The Coffee Shop

Ever wondered where the best place is to get to know each other? We all see those advertisements where coffee helps two lovers discover each other and according to the famous Café Coffee Day saying, “A lot can happen over coffee”. So go ahead and figure out whether she likes a latte or that simple filter coffee with a bit of whipped cream and sweeten up your entire day! Talk about the days when you yearned for a girl like her and hold hands while getting to know each other like never before.

8. The Latest Movie

A movie is a good idea for a first date when you don’t want to go all in and it’s probably the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind! “Why not take her for a really nice movie? She’ll enjoy it.” Sure she will! And let’s face it, the theatre is one of the best places to make your move (if you know what I mean!) So why not go for that long awaited romantic comedy! Watch her laugh and smile in the dim light, snuggle and hold hands all while enjoying the big screen!

7. A Gaming Arcade!

Surprised? Why would anyone take a girl to a gaming arcade? It seems unusual, but it’s a good place to unleash the child within you. So brace yourselves for a day jam-packed with fun and enjoy those games, win some tickets and get that super cute toy for her! Which girl doesn’t like stuffed toys! And this way she’s bound to think of you every night while hugging it!

6. An Amusement Park

Remember those Sundays when you ran off with your friends to ride that roller coaster? There was no better feeling than that exhilarating speed, the wind through your hair and screaming without a worry in the world!

Why not mix it up a bit instead of those clichéd boring dates? So get your fun pants on and relive those amazing carefree days with her! Spend a day at the amusement park! Try all the rides and don’t forget the Ferris wheel and the tunnel of love! You can feel on top of the world while literally being on top! But make sure she’s not too frightened of heights; you wouldn’t want to scare her off.

5. A Fancy Restaurant

There’s nothing like having a nice dinner in an intimate, cozy restaurant coupled with wine and delicious food. If you want something lighter, then why not lunch? Or even better, brunch! It won’t matter though, once you sit there before each other and look into each other’s eyes, romance will be all you can see. Good food may be the way to a man’s heart, but any woman’s heart would melt if you take her out for a night of romance and love!

4. Boating

We have always seen those couples paddling through the waters on a bright sunny day, but how about we try this? Row the boat to the middle of the lake and open up a cute picnic basket! Bask in the sunlight with some delicious food and then cuddle and talk to enjoy the rest of the day.

3. A Park

Although the park seems like a rather boring place, or a place meant just for kids and families, it can be an amazing spot for young love too. Hold her hand and walk with her under the trees and make it even more intimate and special by packing a cute picnic! Once you find the perfect spot under a beautiful tree, spread out a blanket and bring out those cocktail sandwiches. A bottle of champagne would brighten up the day, but if you’re a minor let’s stick to juice or the classic Coca-Cola! Not only will she be impressed by the intimacy you’re willing to show, but she’ll also love you for the effort you take to organize that picnic.

2. Invite Her Home

So if you think it’s time to pull out the big guns, go ahead and dare to invite her to your own home. This will make her feel like she’s really a part of your life because you’re now exposing her to your most intimate and personal space. But don’t just have her come home, bring out your chef’s hat and cook her a delicious dinner! Often cooking dinner together is a good bonding exercise too. Then light the candles and enjoy the rest of your night.

1. A Long Drive

You don’t always have to head out to a particular place. Take a road trip through the country and when the time comes stop the car and lay on the bonnet with her to enjoy the stars in the night sky. Star gazing is often considered to be very intimate. It’s a time when you can lay next to each other saying nothing at all, but still saying a lot! The silence will only be filled with sounds of your hearts and the stars gazing down on you will make you feel like you’re a part of something a lot bigger. Nothing gets more romantic than holding her through night and gazing upon the diamonds in the night sky.

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