Questions We Can’t Answer About The Human Body

10 Questions We Can’t Answer About The Human Body

Science has progressed at an unprecedented pace and its discoveries and inventions have shocked the world. From making airplanes to working on nanotechnology, science has not let us down at all. Scientists have put feet on the moon and have found cure of many deadly diseases such as cancer, malaria, plague, tuberculosis and many more. There has been a lot of progress related to the human body and science has worked wonders in letting out its secrets. But the question arises that has science cracked all the mysteries about the human body? The answer definitely is a big NO! There still exist some unanswered questions about the human body which makes us question our abilities and the power of science.

Let us have a look at the below-mentioned facts that still remain unknown about the human anatomy:


10. Mystery about the Mitochondria

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. They are used to transfer energy in the body. Mitochondria is also found to take in calcium which can be perilous at times since high amount of calcium absorbed by mitochondria can cause diabetes type 2. While scientists have already discovered this much, there is still a lot to know about mitochondria.

9. Watch your tongue!

Our mouth is the main source through which we intake food and along with it some bacterias too make their way inside. There are many bacterias that dwell on our tongue and if the scientists could discover what they are, they could chalk out many diseases and infections. This is a major challenge for doctors since they are unable to understand many diseases and they juggle between the right treatments.

8. The story behind our ear bones!

We are blessed with the one of the five sense organs, the ears which help us in hearing. Scientists have yet to figure out that why is it that the mammals have got three-year bones while birds have only two. Our ears work in a very different fashion. While you speak, you hear your own voice in a different manner than others. There is a theory that the third ear bone prevents us from catching disease named semicircular canal dehiscence but scientists still need to come to a perfect conclusion.

7. Pregnant or not?

Missing a period, being overweight, late-night cravings for food, is that all which tells that you are pregnant? Well, the surprising thing is that it is difficult for a woman to be sure if she is pregnant or not. If a woman is overweight, then she is already facing the problem of irregular periods so if she is pregnant, she might not be aware about it since she will not put on further weight. Though there are cases where women do not show any symptoms of being sick or putting on extra weight but are still pregnant. So, the scientists are yet to discover when and how is it that women can surely be preggers!

6. SHOCKING enough!

We all dread the idea of moving out of our houses during a thunderstorm and plug out all the electrical devices to avoid accidents related to striking of lightning. We have all heard of cases when lightning has struck various houses and burnt them down into ashes and has proved fatal to many humans and animals. But there have been people who are still alive even after encountering such accidents. Scientists have yet to know that what actually happens when humans are struck by lightning.

5. HEAD OFF mysteries

Scientists have not yet discovered if the brain remains active followed by decapitation because there are instances where the eyes blinked and various other movements showed that life remains even after decapitation. But we do not know for how long the brain still functions. An experiment was conducted by Dr. Gabriel where he called out the name of a decapitated man and he finally opened his eyes and closed for one final time. The doctor concluded that the brain remains conscious for some time but could not ascertain the pro-longevity of the process.

4. Memories do not fade into emptiness!

Have you ever wondered that how is it that our brain stores a plethora of information and throws back at us whenever we need it? We remember the exact color and the design of the dress that we so long and are easily able to mug up those deadly mathematical equations. Where are these memories stored and how does the brain retrace them whenever we require them? These questions are yet to be answered.

3. The mystery of fingerprints

I was flabbergasted when my mother told me while I was young that each and every human being on this earth is born with his sole fingerprint that cannot plausibly match with a second person. Our fingerprints are our unique identity and scientists have yet not deciphered why we have them in the first place. Though the scientists have come up with elaborate models of the fingerprints and their elongation, they are yet to know how these are actually formed. There exists a disease called adermatoglyphia, where the carriers have no fingerprints.

2. AB+ or AB-

Science has yet to discover the main cause why different blood groups evolved. As far as we know about blood groups, they are of different types and dissimilar blood groups mixed in a human body can be fatal for the patient. Blood types are segregated by the different antibodies found in a human body and they fight the foreign antigens and strengthen our immune system. This is all that we know about blood types and scientists have guessed that the reason why we have different blood types has got something to do with combating diseases and infections.

1. Consciousness, Dreams and the Brain

Scientists are unable to find a particular answer to what consciousness is and how the brain functions while it hits unconsciousness. There are many neurological injuries where a person enters into coma, a state which the body stops to work but the brain is alive. Dreams are also a much-frenzied issue which the scientists are unable to come to a conclusion. What is the particular reason behind dreams and why and how do they occur? Science has yet to reveal it.

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