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10 Reasons Why Boy and Girl Cannot be just Friends

In the present years the concept that girls and boys can be just friends is really common. Al of us wish to believe in this concept. But there are still somethings that contradict the concept. Some of them are mentioned below. Have a look at them and think.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why boy and girl can not be just friends:


10. Imagination

It is normal to be attracted to the other sex, even if they are your friends. It’s something you can not help. When people start imagining situations of being with the other person, it is really difficult for that person to be just friends and ignore what keeps going on in their mind. A person may even feel guilty a few times for thinking such things which can ruin their friendship.

9. Society

Even if you keep aside everything, the one thing you can not ignore is what the society and people around you think. They tend to conclude that if you have a really good friend of other sex than both of you are actually more than friends. They just won’t stop gossiping. Hence, it becomes really difficult out hang out in public because people have different interpretations.

8. One of the friend is really attractive

Even if both the friends tell everyone that both of them are ‘just friends‘, one of them does think about what would it be like if they were more than friends. Even if they don’t confess it, it does happen because human mind is prone to thinking things when it has nothing more productive to do. One of the friend being good looking does create a problem most of the time.

7. Teasing

When two people have a good bonding between them, other friends start teasing them. It might happen that you will be told that you have feelings for the other person that you don’t realize about by other people. They keep teasing you till eternity with everything related to the other person. They try to convince you so hard, that after a point of time you start thinking about it that way.

6. Thin line between being ‘just friends‘ and ‘more than friends‘

There is such a minute difference between being good friends and being more than friends and most of the people are not able to differentiate between the two. In both situations you share common things and incidences with them.

5. Research

Even if you wish to deny all of the other mentioned reasons, there’s one reason most people believe in – Research. A research was conducted which concluded that it is more difficult for men to stop thinking about the girl as more than a friend. Guys are attracted to girls more than girls are to boys. Also it is more difficult for boys to control themselves.

4. Just saying

The fact that two people are friends lies on the fact that both of them like each other to some extent. It is also possible that their thinking, views and choices are same to an extent. So, there are always chances of the two people getting along very well.

3. Friend zoned

A thing that needs to be put on light on is that good friends are people that understand you well and know things which your boyfriends or girlfriends don’t know, so they can always make better partners. They understand you and care for you, still they are regarded as just friends. Why?

2. Self control

There sometimes arises a situation where the two people get too involved in emotions. They cross the line designated as just friends, even if they don’t intent too. Maybe they didn’t have feelings for each other that way, but still such things happen and make it difficult to be just friends.

1. The ground breaking confession

After a while (as far as i have seen) one of the person, mostly guy confesses that they do like the other person. When the other person hears how the other person likes them not in a friendly way, but the like – like way, it does affect the friendship. Either it works out and they start dating or it does not and there is an unbridgeable distance between them forever. It becomes an awkward situation whenever they try to compliment you or when both of you are alone at some place.

I don’t wish to prove that girls and boys can not be friends and every person of the other sex is supposed to be more than friends. Maybe you just feel attracted to them or have a crush on them for a while. It can also be possible that it does not work out in the long run because both of you did not get along as more than friends. But still the above list is worth a read.
Do think about the above mentioned reasons and form your own opinion.

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