10 Sci-Fi Projects That Became Reality

When we humans had first thought of flying like a bird in the sky, we thought it is impossible but later on, it became a reality. When we imagined to get view of streets in other city, Google maps made our dream come true. There are several other examples where the science fiction projects have become a reality and we have actually been able to invent things which we thought to be existing only in our thoughts.

Here is a list of 10 such Sci-Fi Projects which have become a reality.


10. Robotaxi

Think of the moment when a man jumps into a car which starts following the directions automatically and moves on as per the mental commands of the driver. If you land into Masdar city in UAE, you will see self-driven cars which go on a pre-decided route and fortunately, they do not face the traffic problem. Although these work on pre-programmed software and are limited to a particular route map only, but there are developments going on which can make robot cabbies which can synchronize with the real traffic and would be soon running on ordinary roads.

9. Face Scanner

Till 2002, a device which could scan your face and make intelligent decisions was a dream. But today, it has become a normal feature which can be found in smartphones, laptops or tablets. The face recognition works as a password. The scanner works on the algorithm by which it measures the distance between the eyes, texture of nose, shape of face etc. and stores it in database by which it matches the facial features.

8. Light Year Space Suit

With deep space traveling emerging as a new trend, NASA is developing space suits which have been a science fiction till now. The suit can be worn with a normal rear hatchback design and does not involve the process of tiresome conventional space suit wearing process. Furthermore, the agency is also thinking over to attach laser gun and other required equipment with the suit.

7. Space Travel on Payment

The commercialization has been taking toll on every aspect of human life. Be it education, mountaineering, media etc. The space travel has also become commercialized these days. Virgin Group is developing the commercial line of spaceships for the purpose. The space travel will last for few minutes which means they will be sub-orbital.

6. Residential Colonies on Mars

Elon Musk has been famous for many ventures and this idea is also his creation. He wants to create a colony on the surface of Mars where we people can live. The major aim is to make the travel an affordable journey and this fiction is now becoming reality because SPACE-X is being developed by Elon in collaboration with NASA.

5. Moon Base

At a point called “Lagrangian point – L2”, NASA is planning to create a moon base. This would be a stationed craft at a point where the gravity of the Earth and the moon reach on a equilibrium. So non will have any detrimental effect on it and the people working in it will be in perfect situation to make important explorations related the moon or also for the explorations on different planets.

4. Space Fighters

We normally read about fighter crafts in space in novels or fictions in earlier times. These fighters were like a space craft which will be used for military purposes and moves in the lower orbit of the Earth. Recently, a craft known as “X37B Orbital Test Vehicle” was tested which was a successful mission. The details of the mission are highly classified and no international body or agency has made any comment which can substantially tell about X-37B but speculations are that this is a space fighter which can be used for spying or defense tasks.

3. Space Lasers

While a space war is going on, we see a beam of laser penetrating through the space vehicles and destroying the enemy forces. As most of the space is empty and speed of laser is 3 * 10^8 m/s , the space laser will be a very useful weapon for the human beings which is under development. The ongoing research suggests that chemical lasers and particle beams will be the basis of the space lasers.

2. Holographic Displays

The displays were 2D initially but as the time passed, we developed 3D displays as well. Today, even 4D and 5D are becoming popular in the modern times. On the similar lines, the holographic displays are becoming a reality. The aircrafts used for military purposes by different nations have the technology that the pilot can see his latitude, the height, his turning angle and other relevant information in holographic displays. The automobile company General Motors is also working on the technology and the information is being provided like holographic display on the windshield of the cars.

1. Real Time Street Views

A century ago, this was just a science fiction that we can have a real time view of the streets of another country sitting on our chairs at a distance of hundreds of kilometers. But today, the apps in smartphones have made it possible and one can easily get a 3d panaromic street view of almost every place in this world. The search giants and location finder websites have deployed cars, bikes, portable carts which record the directions and any landmark can be conveniently traced on the basis of the suggested directions.

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