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10 Shockingly Simple Things That Save Lives

People assume that they know everything about their health these days because of the abundant amount of information over the internet and print media but, it is not all true because they don’t know it all. From shockingly easy ways to extremely easy theories, below are the 10 shockingly simple things that save lives. Let’s see what are are the 10 shockingly simple things that save lives. This article speaks of some of the ways by which a life can be saved in a shocking way that we might not even know even though it exists in our day to day life as a part of our routine.



This is one game everyone I obsessed playing with these days. There are pros to this game as it can be a stress buster after a hard day of work. It can give you a relief and save your chances of going into stress related diseases.


Sometimes going through the distance can be hard and waste a lot of precious time and sometimes the patient is too critical to go through an air travel or the doctor is too busy to reach to the suffering patient. In such a scenario, the doctor who is overseas conducts the operation through video conferences on skype by seeing the patient live in the operation room where he instructs the doctors near the patient to do his operation thus saving lives.


Seat belts, a word you must have heard very often since your childhood if you have traveled a lot by different means of transport specially an airplane or a car. Ever since the invention of a seat belt a lot of lives have been saved during harsh accidents. Less number of people die due to seat beats and they may get injured but not as injured how they would be if they had not worn seat beats before beginning their journey. More number of people who have survived in accidents or have had minor injuries as the people who wear a seat belt. Thanks to Nils Bohlin who is the inventor of the modern day seat belt that so many lives have been saved. Helmets are equally important in saving lives during accidents with a two wheeler vehicle as it saves the skull of the person from damaging thus saving his or her life.


It is very weird to think that a smart phone saves life like you as a reader would wonder how can smart phones save lives but, it’s true and give it a thought for a minute and read what is written below and you will start believing that a smart phone does save lives. Let’s see how smart phones provides medical benefits by hospitals giving you reminders of your medical dosages, there are apps that give your health reminders and you can use your phone in emergency to call in an ambulance to take you to the emergency ward of the hospital.


Having pet cats is leisure to most of the people in the world as they are considered to be of high maintenance and care taking. Having a pretty furry cat walking by in your house is something that all cat adorers would love to have. Having cats can save lives in day to day bases can make a difference in one’s life as they save you from the chances of getting a cardiac arrest to up to forty percent. Therefore, a person who has cats as pets has less likely chances of dying with a heart attack than a person who doesn’t have a cat at home.


In this roller coaster type of a rush that we have in our life’s on a daily bases, we tend to take a lot of stress and forget to take care of our health. This over stress taking results in building up a high blood pressure. Thereby, now a days, we see maximum people having a high blood pressure and this is harmful as it harms your body and may cause heart attacks or other health hazards. So, it is observed that when a person with a high blood pressure sees fishes in a fish tank or a pond his blood pressure gets lower thus calming him down and making his blood pressure to normal. So, this is house fishes can be a life saver in their own unique way.


Doctors are always in a rush and have to attend so many patients in such a less time duration. So, sometimes, they tend to write prescriptions in a very bad handwriting in which nothing is understood either by the patient or the pharmacist. Hand written prescriptions can cause misconceptions and the pharmacist may give the wrong medicine to the patient and that is why, typed prescriptions are better than hand written prescriptions as they save lives. Type prescription reduces errors.


It is noticed that smaller medicine packets reduces the chances of drug over dosing for a simple reason that is if the supply is less there won’t be a way for overdosing thus it will save the person’s life even if he or she tries over dosing a medicine. Providing less medicine gives less number of chances to a normal person from over dosing thus, saving lives.


When the government puts initiatives to save lives that is when lives are really saved by a massive number because this when the government intrudes and provides medical aid to the people who can’t get it otherwise. So, when the individual who can’t afford or get medical aid that is when lives are saved on a massive number.


Every year dirty syringes kill one.3 million individuals. The creator Mark Koska’s idea and mission was the K1 motor vehicle Disable Syringe. It are often used solely once—once the plunger goes down, it locks and cannot be drawn back. And it prices a similar to manufacture as a regular syringe. Worldwide annually tending savings? $100 billion. Thus, clean syringe can save lives.

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