Famous Socialists

10 Surprising People Who Advocated Socialism

Socialism is something that is quite off the charts nowadays, being often associated with Soviet Union and their government programs. Yet, it had seen its time in the first world countries like the United States which had its fair share of socialism support; even counting the presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs who was successful in pouring up six percent of votes in his favor. And that is not the end of list, as there are other very well-known personalities in history and present world that have a strong affirmative for socialism than capitalism. Some of these figures are:


Famous Socialists

Here’s a list of the top 10 famous people who advocated socialism:

10. Helen Keller (Activist/Author)

We all know Helen Keller from the incident of her communication with her teacher, and the motivation that surrounds the story. What you would we pleased to hear is that she was a strong socialist of her time. She led various campaigns for women’s rights in the workplace and her voting rights, birth control and also one against war agility. There’s a saying under her name that goes like “Our democracy is but a name”, which reflects quite well on her ideas. Plus, she also was the part of six percent support that Eugene V. Debs concurred.

9. Bertrand Russell (Philosopher/Mathematician)

Bertrand Russell, an eminent figure of the 20th Century in the field of philosophy, known for his literary enactment ‘Why I Am Not a Christian’. And apart from his time off Mathematics and Philosophy, he used to linger over the ideas of socialism. In one of his essays about Socialism he proclaims it as a regulation to machine production demanded by considerations of common sense. He believed that Socialism didn’t end at the table of working class, and shared a vision of socialist society based on the grounds of individualism and sovereignty.

8. Mark Twain (Author/Thinker)

Obviously, this personality needs no introduction apart from the reason which inspired us to include him into this peculiar list. And it goes towards the days of ends of his life, when he shared some of the most radical views of his time condemning capitalism as a hand of tyranny. He believed in like division of wealth round the system. He was a sturdy anti-imperialist too, being the vice president of American Anti-Imperialist league that aimed at conviction of massacres done by US forces on grounds of Africa.

7. Pablo Picasso (Painter)

The famous painter, Picasso’s work revolved around anti-fascist and condemned war scenarios in one way or the other. He was also an active member of French Communist Party. One of his famous paintings ‘The Dream and Lie of Franco’ was based as the name depicts, on the life of fascist Spanish doctor which he believed had ruined Spain over the years. Yet, over time his affliction deceased as the party was not happy with his portrait of Stalin.

6. Francis Bellamy (Author of Pledge of Allegiance)

The well-known author of Pledge of Allegiance, Francis Bellamy was a strong socialist who preached enactments of Jesus Christ along with consistent socialism teachings. Like Twain, he also believed in equal distribution of wealth among classes and addressed the topic quite reassuringly in his lectures. His pledge included the motto of liberty and justice; while his views were quite affluently disperse when it came to Nationalism. He took part in serious campaigns so that American Flags will reach every school around the country along with his pledge. In his thoughts, he saw this as an immunization to protect immigrants in his free country.

5. Oscar Wilde (Poet)

The ardent poet with his works rounding all the way through famous plays was also a keen socialist of his time. He used to talk about the organizing a society based on the grounds of socialism which will restore the society to a healthy body by abandoning private possessions. He believed that such a practice will lead to a minimalist society which would concentrate more on its proper nurture than accumulation. He favored individuality over uber authority and depicted a lifestyle so beautiful that can only be obtained under Socialism ethics.

4. Martin Luther King Jr. (Activist)

We all remember Martin Luther King Jr. as a social activist for civil rights reforms and his opposition to isolation. He shared the common vision of distribution of wealth and also mentioned his socialistic ideas in his letters to Future wife, Coretta Scott. According to his belief, Capitalism as everything else started as a gallant and pure high motive; slowly falling like other social schemes standing against the very motive it started with. In his last days, he was in charge of Poor People’s campaign which aimed at A Civil Disobedience Movement so that Congress will take actions for eradicating poverty.

3. George Orwell (Author/Journalist)

Best known for his book Animal Farm, George Orwell was our ideal radical in childhood as we read about parts of his writings in school. What we didn’t come to know back then was he was a prominent socialist. He was against the form Socialism has taken in the Soviet Union, not the basic idea itself. He used to say that to bring along a change, one has to be a socialist and not just having sympathy along the lines of Socialism. His books reflected that quite well, condemning the totalitarianism in the Soviet Union and proclaiming a better definition of democratic Socialism.

2. Albert Einstein (Physicist)

The proclaimed physicist who went up to win a Noble Prize in his work was no indifferent to political scenarios. He was a keen supporter of civil rights and said that the equality and dignified sense was restricted to only some of the white skins. He criticized Capitalism to its very core. In one of his essays, ‘Why Socialism?’, he described capitalism as a source of human detriment making them feel insecured and deprived. According to him, monetary anarchy was the main evil that remains to be eradicated.

1. Nelson Mandela (Politician/Revolutionist)

There are no doubts about the fallen idol, Nelson Mandela who was known for his peaceful resolution and struggle. He associated himself to no other social ideas other than Socialism. He wanted to remove all kinds of authoritarian domination be it rather racial or capitalistic. He was a major part of the South African Communist Party, which had sustained quite strong accusation and criticism in the past; being quoted as one tarnished terrorist group. Well, later on, he became one of the prominent peace figures of the world who believed in the idea of Socialism. We don’t know if the world could refill the loss ever.

These are the top 10 famous people who believed in socialism.

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