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10 Things You Must Do In Your Life

Life is too short to waste it in an everyday mundane routine. You have only a few years to live and you must make full use of it. There are many people who regret not having made the most of their lives and you definitely do not want to be one of them. How about making a list of things that you want to do? How many can you think of right now?

Even though one cannot list out all the things you should do or want to do in your life in one sitting but here is a list 10 things that you must do in your life:


10. Go for an unplanned trip

How many times have you done something just on the spur of the moment? Hardly ever! You should at least once in your life, forget all the worries, pack a normal bag and just leave for the weekend. Splurge on yourself and just relax. Life is so hectic that it takes such sudden decisions to make it worthy. In fact, on the final days of your life, you will remember this and smile.

9. Fall in love

Falling in love is not easy but do not be so closed. Meet people, go on dates and love someone unconditionally. The relationship might not work out; you might not find the girl/guy of your dreams or end up with a broken heart. But, imagine a life where you never experienced the butterflies, caring for someone, even crying for someone. You do not want to miss out the endless phone calls and warm hugs.

8. Perform on stage

Some of you might have already done this and might know why this is on the list. Well, people if you have stage fright then get over it. This is the world’s best feeling you will ever get. Go to a karaoke club and sing on the stage or go join a dancing competition and dance, even though you suck at it.

7. Give something back

Life has given us a lot of things. You are lucky that you have a family, friends and a place to call home. But there are people who are striving for even the basic necessities of their life. Donate money or food to the poor children of your country or instead of this, how about educating one child from an orphanage or locality? This would make not only the child but also his/her future generation able to live a respectable life.

6. Take a road trip

Trust me, it is fun. Go on a long road trip with your buddies by car or bikes. Stay in cheap hotels; eat in dhabas (small eating joints in India); meet new people; Camp in the woods and really live those moments.

5. Adopt a pet

Adopting a pet is a life’s lesson. Pets teach you, how to take care of someone else beside yourself and how to love someone unconditionally. So, go and adopt a dog or cat or tortoise or fish or any kind of animal that you like. Pets love you like nobody else and the idea of going home to someone who will actually be there waiting for you, takes all the stress of life away.

4. Do what you really want to do

Many people die with the regret that they could not take up the profession they wanted because of one reason or the other. Please do not be that person. If you were unable to follow your heart in the beginning of your career then take a leap of faith quit that job or course you are studying and go for the profession you want to. There might be a million excuses you can give yourself but the regret that you did not do your heart’s desire will always haunt you.

3. Learn a language / instrument / dance

You are a human being and have the advantage to learn so many things. How about learning a completely new language or learn to play an instrument or learn a dance form or all of them. This will make you feel more confident, accomplished and happy. Keep learning new things in life as knowledge never goes waste.

2. Live alone

This is a must have experience. You will learn to manage your money, cook from scratch and pay your bills. Beside all this is the fun of throwing parties at your house that go on all night, cooking in your underwear and staying in your pajamas all day! This will make you into a self dependent individual.

1. Live in a foreign country

The last but not the least is to live in a foreign country. Almost all countries give a travel visa of 60-90 days. There are nice budget hotels in every country or you can stay in hostels or take a house on rent. Meet the locals there, dress like them and eat the local food. Try mixing up with a completely different kind of people in a completely different society than you are accustomed to.

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