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10 Things You Won’t Find In A Girl’s College

A girl’s college is different from the rest of the colleges in several ways. Let’s find out what is missing from their colleges and how their life on campus is different …


Things You Won’t Find In A Girl’s College

10. Gents Toilet

Why would you need one if all the public everywhere in the building is just feminine? Yes, there might be just one at some remote corner of the building for the male teachers and non-teaching staff. That must be the only place in the campus where the girls have never been, not that they cannot. But they just like to avoid breaking rules.

9. Action games on PC

If you go to a co-ed college, every computer in the laboratory will have at least one action game (secretly installed, but icon still appears on the desktop), I hope the girls have at least heard the names of games like Counter-Strike and NFS. While if you are in a girls college, chances are you don’t find any game installed on PC in labs. If at all there is, then there must be one like Big Fish, Mah-jong, etc. etc.

8. Exchange of Action Movies

The only action movie recently exchanged in a Girls College must be ‘Singham Returns’. Girls don’t like violence and bloodshed … All they can say about such movies is EEW (with fists close, hands held up to cheek, and mouth open only to show 28 teeth … yes, 28 not 32. They don’t have wisdom tooth when in college, at least they don’t any signs of having it.

7. Oily foodstuff in canteen

Every girl, be it in a girls college or the boys college, wants to eat but doesn’t want to look fat. Hence there always exists a canteen in a girl’s college. But this one does not serve oily foods, just because nobody here likes them. Who’s gonna bare the loss. Well, instead you will find lots of fruits, juices and sandwiches being served.

6. Smell of cologne

While almost everyone in the college smells good, the only smell that is missing from this divine place is that of an aftershave or cologne!! Fortunately, girls don’t apply it on party they shave.

5. Bikes

The picture seems to be changing these days. But if you visit their parking lot, you won’t find a geared bike. Not to forget girls these days call their scooty as bike (why not, even a bicycle comes under the category of bikes). But it’s hard to find a Royal Enfield or a Harley Davidson. Who doesn’t love to ride them? Even girls do, but girls usually prefer sitting at the pavilion rider’s seat. They don’t want to deal with clutch and gears.

4. Posters of racing and gaming competitions

Ever seen girls ‘playing’ at these competitions? Not really. Do you know why? Because like women’s football, women’s crickets or women’s tennis, there is no special women’s racing or women’s gaming. And girls do not play games that do not give them a special place, huh!

You might find one if they are looking for cheerleaders for these competitions. Otherwise, girls do not participate in racing or gaming competitions.

3. Muscular fights

Elections in co-ed college, always brings in some fights and mini blood exposing fights in the campus. It not only gives boys a chance to show off their muscular power, but also gives them a chance to impress the girls. Well, In a girls college you don’t have to impress anyone. If you want to fight, its just a word war . and if it has to be worse …you don’t talk to the girl-enemy of yours. No, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of muscle power to keep the mouth shut . Women are stronger…at least when it comes to the muscle named “Tongue”

2. The rarest of the rare stuff in girl’s college – The BOYS!!

Oh, how can you forget that? That’s the only thing girls really long to see, for weeks, months and sometimes years together. I am sure every boy who is outside the campus (unfortunately) wants just one change to sense how hot the temperature must be inside the campus. Pun intended. They celebrate Dahi handi without boys. They perform salsa, and also win award for it, without a boy partner. They build vehicles and win robotics competitions as well. Why should boys have all the fun? In fact, Girls College wins most of the intercollegiate competitions, and get a lot of cheering from the audience of other colleagues as well.

1. Real Couples

Many people think, if she’s going to Girls College, she’s not interested in boys. Oh hello? What do you mean? Fine, there are practically many limitations on having a date in the same college. But that doesn’t mean they do not have boyfriends. Most of them are in a relationship … long-distance or absolutely virtual. sometimes real but you just don’t get to see the love birds together.

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