10 toughest decisions to make in life

Toughest Decisions

Okay so there’ll be several occasions in your life where you’ll find yourself in two minds, or even considering multiple options. It could be a simple yes or no choice, which isn’t often very simple after all and then you’ll be headed to making decisions that involve evaluating the various alternatives at hand and then finally coming down to a final decision. Even though we do have to take decisions well nearly every day, but most of them aren’t life altering. But then there are those big question marks that twist your head left, right and centre. Those are the questions that hold value. Let’s look at ten of the most important decisions one makes or Is required to make during his/her lifetime.

10. Where does your interest lie?

Most of the important questions in life appear at a later stage actually and I think this is the first important one. You can’t picture your entire life ahead in one go but it’s pretty important to be aware of what you like and what makes you happy, also, what you’re good at. You’ll fall under peer pressure and parental pressure etc while picking your subjects, but be sure that you’ll be able to do well in them. Do not sabotage your self confidence thanks to all the crazy pressure around you.

9. Moving out

You’ve been pampered all your life, fed breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, that too all your favourite stuff. There was always someone to do your work, move around things for you, make your bed, wash your clothes and provide you with every luxury there is. So moving out for your studies or for work is a very hard decision. Giving up all that comfort takes some guts. And then all the logistics involved ,picking your roommate etc. is hard!

8. Buy that dress you like or wait for sale

The latter is obviously the more sensible choice because then again you’d like to spend your money on the best possible commodity possible right? And then you don’t know whether to just go for what’s in front of you or wait for it to get down to its justified price but then you’re running the risk of it going out of stock. Such tragedy.

7. What friends to keep

You’ll come across a number of people in your life and if lucky enough, you’ll also get the opportunity to delve deeper into their lives, their emotional makeup, understand them better basically. And maybe even you’ll get attached to some of them, but realistically, like it or not you won’t be able to keep them all. Unless and until of course you’re extremely social and have no other work to do you’ll have to pick those closest to your heart and the ones worth keeping, so that you know who you’re crossing the finish line with.

6. Whose judgment to rely on

You’ll always have twenty people suggesting you twenty different things at the same time. It’s essential to recognize whose judgment to rely on and specifically in what respect. Even your parents may not always be correct so let alone anyone else. More than the advice what’s important is who’s reliable enough to take advice from.

5. Burger or pizza or Chinese

Basically, food cuisine picking problems. Often we have these random cravings and we just want to eat, now question is what. Sometimes these cravings are food specific, when they’re easier to deal with but when they’re random, you just don’t know. You want to eat, but what is the big question. And once you’re left to make a choice on your own, confusion is inevitable.

4. Making a priority list

You’ll always have to choose. You have 24 hours in a day and probably on a daily basis you will have to put one thing or person priority over another. But even if the long run, you’ll have to set your priorities straight to get things done your way. So what’s the priority, party or study? Clothes or saving money? Food or fitness?

3. When to let go

This’ll be one of the most emotionally challenging decisions you’ll be making in almost all of your life. Suffering may be difficult, but deciding when you’ve had enough and you need to let go is even harder. It’s not easy, but it’s a must.

2. What picture to upload after a long photo session

So you got a lot of pictures clicked, dslr worked it’s wonders and most of them came out pretty well, now the real question is, which one do you put on display? Because that’s essentially the purpose of it all right!

1. Picking your man

If you’re lucky, or maybe not so lucky, this is one problem most of us face during our mid twenties, or probably even prior to that. You have to decide whether you want to stay single, or date and if you choose to date, then you’re always confused as to who to be with. This is one life altering decision in the long term and a very hard one.

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