10 Traits Aliens must have According to Science


Man has always been fascinated by lives on other planets, their lifestyle and traits. How do they look like, what they eat, how do they socialize or communicate, what have been their technical strongholds. Science has been working to guess these since its inception and has reached on probabilities on many of these issues. Here we bring the list of 10 traits which aliens have according to Science.

10. Explorers

Quite obvious, each being in this universe has the urge to go beyond the foreseeable and so do they. In case we come in contact with them, it means they have also been interested in knowing other planets’ beings and exploring the possibilities here. So, they have a mind which makes them explorer beings going out of their line of normal routine to discover what lies ahead.

9. Technical experts

We have been trying to reach out to them since long and if they succeed in doing so, it means they have been technically sound and adept. We know that if an alien is able to travel so far and reach the surface of any other planet, then it will be because they have advanced spacecrafts and technology. In addition, they must be having devices for space research, exploration and travel which means they are technical experts.

8. Communication abilities

No civilization can thrive without a pinch of communicating with each other. Hence intra-community connections are very important in order to convey their ideas. Even humans developed ideas of communicating with each other starting with signs, symbols, pictures and then later generated languages and semantics for sharing ideas and messages. Going by the same logic, aliens must also have the ability of signs, symbols, languages, writing or speaking to communicate to each other in their own unique way which may or may not be deciphered by us.

7. Immunity to viral and bacterial attacks

As per scientific theories and research in this field, it is believed that aliens must be resistant to any type of viral or bacterial effect. This can also be attributed the fact that the conditions on their planet might not have allowed those to thrive and hence, they might have developed an immunity or their might be some other types of organisms whom we are yet to know about.

6. Not giant insects

Well this is a myth created by movies and fictional stories. Not necessarily, they look like a huge sized insect as you see in Men in Black or other holly movies. As per their looks are concerned, they might look awkward, strange or unusual, obviously. But they won’t like swollen giant insects that you can magnify a known insect and believe that yes, this is what the beings of other planet would look like and the moment you encounter one of them, you would identify them instantly.

5. Ruthless killers

These days we see nations fighting with each other for land, or you see property quarrels in the court of law. All these have a common factor and that is, nobody likes encroachment and so does aliens. In case they come across a situation where they see that things are not going as per their will or they see someone as a trespasser, they can resort to widespread violence and merciless killing, now that depends who is the victim: the beings of their own planets or it can be the humans also.

4. They won’t prey on humans

Not every being in this universe see other species as a feast to satisfy their hunger. In case the aliens see humans, it does not mean the aliens will kill and eat the humans instantly. Moreover, if they can travel to such long distances spanning even light years, then they are not only technically sound but also logical enough to stash enough foodstuffs for themselves to carry out their journey peacefully and properly.

3. Aggressiveness

If they are exploring and going on uncommon voyages, they must be ready to face dangers and consequences of that also. In order to protect themselves, they can be aggressive as well so that they can dominate us to be able to use the resources of this planet or at least, be able to resist any attack by beings of other planets.

2. No super strengths

Technically they might be genius, biologically they might be resistant to diseases, logically they might be intelligent but that does not mean they will have extra powers or super strengths. They can be called advanced but not super beings. They have developed their civilization to such a level that now they might not be bulldozer or bodybuilder physique possessing beings.

1. Non Humanoids

Well, it’s a pretty proved fact that only Earth can provide such conditions for the survival of human beings and those conditions have shaped the looks of humans. Like in every continent, the conditions being these differences: An American looks different than an Arabian, An Indian does not looks like a Brazilian, an Italian will be distinct from a Chinese. So the aliens will have different features, non-humanoid in these terms.

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