10 Unexpected Scientific Reasons Why Old People Are Awesome

Old People

Many people consider old people a burden. Old people are considered to be depressing, wacky, and weird. But despite contrary beliefs, new studies have revealed that old people are much more awesome than we think. They know how to live their life, manage their families, and maintain relations. Also, they are more jolly and better informed than the younger generations.

Here is a lost of 10 Unexpected Scientific Reasons Why Old People Are Awesome.

10. They manage stress better than young people

Apparently, they have experienced life much better than the younger generation and are known to be better stress handlers. They realize that it is futile to uselessly worry and contemplate. Life lies in the present moment and it is better to enjoy the little things you have. Also, they are more content and mindful than young people.

9. Obese Old people live longer

It is a common happening among old people to lose bountiful of weight due to health problems. Most of them become underweight and thus die early. A recent study has proved that old people who are slightly overweight tend to be more healthy and active. The reason behind this is that being thin and underweight is a sign of a health problems among old people.

8. Nostalgic moments are good

We are used to our grand parents telling old emotional stories. As boring as they get at times, they are actually good for the emotional and mental health of old people. Studies have revealed that stories from past have the power raise our dopamine level and increase our self esteem. So, yes for old people, nostalgia is a good thing.

7. They helped the mankind evolve

Old people helped the mankind evolve. Many researches prove that there was a time when people relied and took important advice from old people. Their insight was so useful that the mankind evolved in the process The life expectancy among old people increased and thus lifestyle of people got better. There has to be some sort of connection apparently.

6. Old people have loads of sex

According to a new 2013 report, old people have more sex than we expect them to. Also, many old people between 57-75 accepted indulging in oral sex. People between 75-85 reported that they frequently have sex. As surprising as it sounds, old people are prone to STDs as well. STDs among old people is on a rise and they’re advised to use protection.

5. They are amazing drivers

A recent study has revealed that accidents among old people has substantially reduced in the past decade. Apparently, old people are more careful and stable while driving. This could be because latest cars are much more safer than their old counterparts. But old people are way more confident with their driving skills today than they were in the past.

4. They could contribute to world peace

Apparently, the number of aged people in the US are increasing. It calls on more expenditure on pension and health facilities which will reduce expenses on military equipment. This might stop America to act like a police to the world. Though it could expose them to terrorist insecurity.

3. Our genes are designed to listen to our elders

A recent study revealed that a bunch of monkeys when tested followed the most elder one of the lot. This may be somewhat genetic since it appears so natural to follow the guidelines of our elders. The older monkeys were far more influential in the group and were the apparent leaders of the tribe.

2. Old people have slower brains

Don’t get me wrong here- Old people have slower brains because their brain is full of wisdom. Also, they are more stable and think before they act. But new information can take some time to process in an old mind. This is one reason why old people speak at a slower rate. But they still have a lot more knowledge than the younger generation and must be referred to for useful advise.

1. Old people sometimes outperform young lads

Old people are apparently more emotionally stable and better stress handlers than the younger generation. This makes them a more consistent performer than their younger counterparts. Also, old people have more experience which gives them the upper cut.

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