Mpemba Effect

10 Unsolved Mysteries of Science

Man has ventured into several fields and made a mark recording its achievements. Starting from invention of wheel to making spacecraft, discovering fire to making cryogenic engines, making wooden boats to inventing laptops, we have come a long way than our ancestors. But still, we are able to decode many of the encrypted phenomena and systems of this nature. The almighty is all-powerful and hence has kept many of the things in his hand which we have not been able to replicate because it is still a mystery for us.


Unsolved Mysteries of Science

Here we bring to you 10 mysteries which have still not been solved by Science to date and Scientists are working tirelessly to solve them:

10. Extinction of Mega Fauna

Those gigantic animals which we see in cartoons or movies were a part of our earth at one point of time. The mammoth looking like a giant Elephant, the dinosaurs lost their existence from this planet and nobody definitely knows why and how did this happen. There have been theories saying that it happened due to climatic change and their failure to adapt with the changing environment, but there is no proof and there might be some totally different reasons for it which has not been discovered yet.

9. Mpemba Effect

The boiling water can freeze in some circumstances and the surprising fact is, it can take less time to freeze than colder water. The reason for this effect is still unknown and many scientists have tried to establish a theory for this but either they are too contradictory or too vague to be believed. So currently, this mystery remains unsolved.

8. Lithium is missing

At the times of high temperatures in the universe, isotopes of hydrogen, helium and lithium were synthesized. Today, we see hydrogen and helium but Lithium-7 is missing. Some say it is trapped in the stars, some scientists put axions hypotheses for this.

7. The origin of life

It is alleged that earth formed some complex molecules which ultimately lead to formation of living particles, but it is still a disputed issue that how did the first life form originated. Some scientists believed that previous life forms were based on RNA and later DNA took over as the foundation of life but scientists have speculated that their might have been some other nucleic acids also involved in the process.

6. The reason of taking a nap

The scientists say that during our sleep, the tissues get repaired and muscular energy is restored but we also see organisms whose life forms are more complex than humans and those animals don’t sleep. So this reason might not be the very apt reason and scientists also believe that there can be entirely different reason which is yet to be found out.

5. Space roar

Yes, we agree that sound cannot travel through space and needs a medium to travel. But scientists have observed roars from space which, they previously believed that were radio waves. But these radio waves are unknown to us and moreover, they are very louder than the expected ones. So there are different speculations as to predict what is creating those loud noises.

4. Plate tectonics and continental drift

If one can re-arrange a map, then he can observe the jigsaw puzzle formed by the continents fitting in with each other or the boundaries of the ocean. We know that mega-continents broke away and formed the present landforms with tectonic plates and continental drift. This is also the reason for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, land sliding etc. but scientists have still not been able to discover the reason for these plate tectonics.

3. Is there life on anything else than earth?

Well citing the seeing of UFOs, communicating with aliens, receiving odd signals have been heard by us many a times from different parts of this earth by many people. But scientists are still figuring out that is there any life on any heavenly body other than earth. If yes, where do we lack to communicate with them and catch their signals?

2. Falling birds, dying fishes

In Arkansas, many birds fell from the sky one after the other and nobody could ever know the reason. After some time, fishes started appearing on the water and everyone was uninformed about this as well. Though sometimes firecrackers and water pollution has been blamed for this, but there is no evidence and it is still unsolved.

1. Mystery of Quantum Mechanics

This famous mystery still stays at the top in the minds of anyone who studies quantum mechanics. Though we have assumed for the purpose of our studies that light is both- a wave and a particle but in reality, it can’t be both at the same time. So sometimes the photon behaves like a wave and sometimes it behaves like a wave. The question is- this happens under controlled conditions. So what makes it behaves so strange has no answer with substantiated evidence in science.

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