10 Ways Pornography Shapes The World


Pornography is a portrayal of the sexual activities for the purpose of its arousal. Pornography can be in any form such as drawing, sculpture, media, photographs, movies and much more. The involvers are not aware of the fact that this kind of porn is not helping the young people to grow with a positive thought in their mind. People think that porn is just about sexual activities and deviant behavior, but, when they come to know that this porn has helped to redefine art, safeguard constitution and also keep young women safe, they would be certainly surprised. Let us see how pornography has created a change in this world.

10. It Protects the First Amendment

The hustler is a Magazine, which is known for its sense of humor which includes exploited photos with it. But, during 1983, this magazine created an advertisement which had the Minister Jerry Falwall describing about his Maiden sex in an outhouse with his mother. This made the Minister go against the Magazine using the law, and he was also awarded $150,000 for the damage of his personality. Hustler appealed to this decision which led to the turnover in the year 1988 when the court undoubtedly stated that public figures cannot claim compensation in the name of emotional distress. This gave the writers, movie makers and artists more protection regarding their parodies of popular figures.

9. Art with Pornography

The Purveyors of pornography faced an alarming legal decision in the year 1973. The Supreme Court ruled that the first amendment does not protect the Obscenity. This led to a new kind of problems; a lot of questions were raised. The important question was, what has Obscenity to do with Art? The court took its time and finally answered in the year 1974, when a man named Jenkins was arrested for screening an Oscar-nominated movie which featured Sex and Nudity. The Court stated that Nudity alone cannot be told as pornography. This protected a lot of films, photos and paintings which featured nudity helping to ensure that art would grow and would not be put down by the law.

8. Keeps the Teens Calm

People always think that pornography encourages young people to experience it. But, researches have proved it to be completely opposite. With the increase in porn, young people tend to get into sex lately than thought. Porn has also helped to reduce teen pregnancy to a whopping 40% when compared to the 1990’s. Another study has proved that porn has made young people understand sex in a way. This has ensured that teenagers do not rush into sex just to see what it is like. They get the opportunity to view it and understand its own aftermaths.

7. Educates People in Sex

Studies have proved that Porn will certainly make people happier and more understanding. If one grows his knowledge about sex through pornography, then he might end up with some immature ideas on the topic. However, there has been education on this topic in certain parts of the world. But, in some parts of the world, pornography is the only way people could learn about sex.

6. It Keeps Rape Away

Rape is one of the issues that young girls and women are afraid of. The society says that pornography is the main reason that induces this thought in the minds of men. In pornographic movies, women become the sexual objects and men do a lot of learning in this topic and treat women without respect and violently. But, studies have proved that areas with internet accessibility have less rape. So, pornography has also helped in reducing porn to a certain extent.

5. It reduces stress

Sex is something that is seen everywhere now, such as in computers, movies, television and magazine. Traditionally, sex and porn was considered as a shameful act. A survey has stated that students who avoided porn experienced an increased want for sex and had sexual problems. Porn is a harmless act. It is about the individual’s mentality about it. The study also states that people, who freely enjoy it, not only desire it less but also keeps them healthier.

4. Women Get To Know More

Pornography was considered as a disgrace and demeaning to women-kind. Most of the activities are created in the favor of men and it encourages male interests which include the climax of the activity also getting in favor with men. But, scientist and doctors say that women have to change their way of viewing sex. They say that pornography is not a disgrace or demeaning to women-kind, but it helps women explore their own sexuality with honesty and reality. They also say that porn will certainly prevail and it cannot be washed away totally but re-visioning it will certainly help women.

3. It Breeds Homosexuality

Another thing that people believe is that Pornography breeds homosexuality. Homosexuality is something that was not tolerated by any men and men who practiced it was treated like an alien. But, porn has made men more tolerant of homosexuality. This will make even the most casual viewer to get used to these kinds of activities.

2. It keeps away Abortion and STD’s

Tradition has made people think that porn has led to pregnancy and other deadly diseases. But the actual fact is not that, porn has reduced the unsafe sex and unwanted pregnancies. With the accessibility to Porn through internet, the amount of abortion and STD’s has reduced a lot. A report from the science centre is that abortion has fallen by 40% since the 1990’s. Porn has made people go for Masturbation as the primary way of pleasure rather than direct sex with the opposite sex.

1. Gives a Better Sex Life

Sex is very important in one’s life. Pornography helps people understand about sex more and where to start and how to start. The scientist has also proven that watching porn will help men and women reach their peak arousal within 5 to 10 minutes. Porn also makes foreplay quicker and more efficient. It will lead to better physical connections to.

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