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10 Ways To Deal With A Bad Noisy Neighbours

In this modern day world where space crunch has become a huge problem to every one of us, there are certain things that have to be known before we move in to a new place. There are a lot of social places these days and it is of at most importance that we learn to deal with our new neighbours before we move into a new house. A few tips on how to deal with lousy neighbours has been provided in this article:

10. How to take back your neighbourhood

There are several cases in which you don’t move out of your existing neighbourhood but someone else moves in to your neighbourhood and starts taking advantage of that. This cannot happen. In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen, you should be able to talk them out of it. Being hesitant doesn’t really help. In order to make sure that you have your portion parted, a proper stand must be maintained.

9. Cops cannot solve this

Many of these situations occur in such a scale that even if you are willing to call the cops, they might refuse to solve it for you as it is a social issue than something that can be solved by them. Therefore, make up your mind for that you must realise that if at all someone can save you from the menace, then it is only you.

8. Document your case

Documenting your cases is very important. If the problem grows heaps and loads, then you might need solid proof to prove to others that you were right throughout the time. Therefore, proper proof, either in the form of photos or videos or even papers which contain notes should be kept as proof all the time.

7. Know local laws

If someone is moving into your place and talking about laws, then you must be ashamed of your situation. Always make sure that you know about the laws that prevail in your area so that you can have an upper hand while talking your neighbours out of a situation. This is especially true in such cases where you might want to make sure that someone else doesn’t use your garage or lawn or your parking space.

6. Prepare Psychologically

Being mentally prepared is one of the most important things. If you are mentally prepared to handle any situation, then you can handle anything that comes your way. Even if people talk ill about you, you should not be bothered because peace inside your place is more important to you than the peace outside. Make sure that you can mentally handle any situation, no matter how hard it be before you go all in fighting for your place with your neighbours.

5. Be Diplomatic and Strong

Being diplomatic is very important while handling a situation. When the situation goes out of your hand, being string is even more important. You have been diplomatic in the past and thus you must be able to maintain your cool no matter what happens. When you are strong at what you say, there is nothing that others can do about what you say.

4. Choose Battles wisely

This is perhaps the most important thing that has to be done. In many situations we tend to lose out on our property because we land in fights with the wrong kind of people. When we look at someone else’s face, we can make out whether we can win the fight or not. If you think that you cannot fight someone, by look at their features, then leave it to the local administrations care.

3. Be Patient

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to be patient. Even if you neighbour is ready to cooperate with what you are saying, then there might be a hundred other factors that might prevent them from doing so. In such cases it is important to make sure that you don’t lose your cool. Be patient with the decisions that are taken by your neighbours but make sure that they do not encroach your land. If such things happen, the defend it and make sure that you defend it strongly.

2. Be a good Neighbour yourself

You cannot expect your neighbour to be good to you without you being good to them. The same way you expect them to be good to you, they will also expect you to be good to them. At the first instance itself, a good relationship should be maintained between the two of you. If this happens a lot less fighting can be done and a healthy relationship can be maintained between your neighbours.

1. Live where you belong

If you are going to complain to your neighbour about a dispute with them, then think twice as to where you stand. We all are not perfect in all the cases and it is our responsibility to make sure that we are good to them before we expect them to be good to us. Therefore it is more of a mutual exchange between the two neighbours rather than a one way exchange between you being a moron and your neighbour being another moron.

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