10 ways to increase your confidence


Do you often feel like you cannot do a work? Or do you feel scared about the job that you have taken?

Well these are some of the problems that have become very common these days. No matters young or old everyone have the same feeling at one or other point in lifetime. You might have notices that you lag behind some people in your class or at your workplace. You might have felt the pain of not being able to put up your thoughts. Well this is not the case with you only these are the feelings that are faced by many of us and we do not know the reason of it. Well there is no rocket science behind it, in order to make it simple I would say that we lack the confidence in ourselves. Let it be anything exams, project, assignment, quiz, debate, speech some people are able to do it well and we do not. The difference lies in the level of confidence. They fell confident enough to boldly to put their thoughts but many of us do not have the dare to utter a word and if you are also among one of them then I would tell you that you are in a deep trouble my friend. Lacking confidence can simply ruin your life and you might also become week in the game of life. This is a very serious situation that you have got yourself into and no one can help you in such a situation. You have to help yourself to get over this problem. There could be many reasons of lacking confidence like not having the proper knowledge or underestimating your skills but this is not anything that cannot be cured. Like there are medicines available for different medical problems there are some of the easy ways by which you can increase the level of confidence in yourself. Well these ways are not at all medical. These are simple ways that are related to your day to day activity and it can certainly help you in a longer term. So friends here are the top ways to increase the confidence in you.

10. Mix with positive people

As it is said it all depends on the surroundings. Do not friend with people who face the same problem you has to move out form the situation therefore try to befriend with positive people. The positive people would help you in rubbing off your problem and would constantly push you in the right direction. Being with smiling, happy and confident people affect the level of confidence in you as well. You enjoy the new happiness in your life and feel like doing new things which is a direct sign that you are improving my friend. Just cherish your new life.

9. Groom yourself up

The way you keep yourself always effect the level of confidence. No matters whether you are male or female the way you present yourself make a huge difference. Invest into your appearance always wear colours that suits your personality and you would be seeing confidence knocking your door.

8. Get a new work

If you are engaged in a work where people always point to your week points then the direct consequence could be seen on the level of confidence. Do a work that you enjoys doing and that appeals you the most in that way you would be not only be giving you 100% to the work but would be doing the same for your confidence level as well.

7. List the points you are good at

It is very important to know that you are good at something and whenever you fee down just take a look at the list of points that you are good at. Write down your achievements on the list; write down the small things that made you happy. It could be anything like getting good marks in an exam or passing a driving test or learning a new hobby. These small things really affects at long term.

6. Get your social connections right

It is very important to get your social connections right. People with lack of confidence feel very awkward at the social gatherings like party. You simply avoid talking to people but it is advised to do the opposite. Go to the party, interact with new people, improve your friend circle and see your confidence going up. You have to take all the steps in order to see the effect, only thinking is not going to help you in any case.

5. Take on a challenge

Life is not worth living if it does not challenge you at every point. Doing something new cold be great option in order to feel the challenge. Take a challenge to learn a new thing which could boost your confidence up.

4. Try to be assertive

Always put your thoughts in front of the people. Being assertive gives you confidence but remember you do not have to be rude or bossy while putting your points. Do it in a polite way and let your points reach them. This would help in getting up your confidence.

3. Be philosophical

Try to be philosophical in your life. Do not let the bad experience affect your confidence. Always have a positive outlook towards life. Do not let failure define yourself.

2. Maintain a diary

Maintain a diary and write all your thoughts in it. Write about your past experiences and your opinions about different situations. Reading your thoughts would let you feel that your opinions matter and show you how well you have handled the situations in the past which could help you in increasing the confidence.

1. Keep yourself fit

It is said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body therefore it is very important to maintain yourself. Exercise daily and maintain a good physique. This would channelize the energy in you and you would feel energized for the everyday task.

Thus by working on these day to day points you could surely increase the level of your confidence.

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