Starting conversations with a girl

10 Ways To Start Conversation With A Hot Girl

Starting conversations with a girl is always like a nightmare for most guys. Guys often boast of things they can do, but when it comes to approaching a hot girl, doesn’t take long before they chicken out. Somewhere the thought of approaching the hot girl whom they consider out of league will intimidate them. Most guys wish they had a set of guidelines telling them how to deal with such situations. Before approaching a girl keep in mind they have a long lived memory. You might leave behind an impression of being insane.

So here are few things you must keep in mind before starting your first conversation with her ..


10. Be Presentable

It is obvious that you are attracted to her good looks and personality; it’s all crap if you believe that you could spontaneously recognize some one’s Nature and good heart. If that’s the case then you should also make yourself presentable to appeal her. Most girls don’t prefer talking to guys who look disheveled; they might even consider you annoying.

Make sure you don’t have a bad breath and make efforts to look prim. Use right amount of deodorant and gel. This might help give you positive response and some envious glances from other girls.

9. Don’t startle her

If you notice a girl in some coffee shop who instantly took your breath away, just don’t walk to her and convey your feelings out of nowhere. Rather wait for her to notice how much attention you are paying to her. You might as well stare at her till she notices you and give her a charming smile. Some girls might accept mysterious letters complementing them; you can always ask the waiter to give an anonymous message to her. If she searches for the sender after receiving your letter then it’s a green signal for you, in case she get’s annoyed then it’s time for you to leave !

8. Be Confident

Always be confident when you approach her. Stay cool and start a genuine conversation with the girl. Give her space to feel comfortable and easy to interact with you at her own pace. Make sure you don’t stammer as it might leave a bad first impression. Act as if you are not desperate to know her; this will increase her interest in you also don’t be rude enough to make it very evident.

7. Keep it Simple

Guys don’t make the mistake of using pick up lines to flatter her! A girl knows when she is being hit by you so save yourself that trouble. Girls won’t be enticed by you if you are not Charlie sheen. And if you feel a girl would pay heed when you say “I just tasted the best coffee because you are my sweetener” then be prepared for getting insulted in public. Get to know her first in a polite way and later you can give her a gentle compliment about her sweet smile or eyes.

6. Play the Gentleman in Distress

Girls are always eager to help, they feel needed. So try approaching her for some help, maybe ask her to give you directions, or ask her for good coffee shops in town. This will open your way to start conversation; you might as well ask her out sometime without freaking her out.

5. Don’t Fake

Guys when become desperate to talk with girls try to fake their personality in an attempt to impress them. Girls hold a good sense of distinguishing your real personality from your fake one. They also hate being manipulated and you might end up getting rejected.

4. Make her Laugh

Girls like funny and appealing personality. Impress her with your good sense of humor; a good laugh will make her comfortable and easy to be around you. Your conversations will stay light and enjoyable. There is no harm in flirting with double meaning jokes, catch her off guard with your playful attitude. Make sure you laugh with her and not at her!

3. Listen to her

Girls love blabbering! It is always better if you hear them attentively; if she pauses in between and asks you something, don’t be caught dumbstruck. The only way to keep her engaged is by letting her speak, don’t worry she will keep you occupied for some time. Talking only about you is a BIG No! If at some point in time you find yourself drifting away, just give a polite apology and tell her you were so mesmerized by her voice that you lost track.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

While speaking to a girl, make sure you are looking in the eye. We do understand it’s a hot girl and there are better things to look and soothe your eyes, but you don’t want to be caught enjoying her assets especially her breasts while she speaks to you. Most girls don’t like it; in fact they tag such guys as pervert. You might end up being slapped and embarrassed. Or a better way to deal is by coming up with something witty to tell which would spare you from answering why you were fixated on her tits.

1. Leave on a High Note

While you leave tell her that it was a pleasure meeting her and you are looking forward to seeing her again. Make her believe that spending time with her was your best moment of your day and you are waiting for a similar experience again. Politely offer her your card and tell her to free feel and call whenever she needs some help. Maybe the next time you meet you already know how to start a conversation and she is keen to hear you out.

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