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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

Although he is considered one of the worst dictators throughout history, there are quite a few things that not everyone knows about Adolf Hitler. He was a horrible man, and as the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, caused quite a period of difficulty for so many races and people who did not follow his regime. Although he was known for anti-Semitic and anti-Marxist views, Hitler pretty much hated any race apart from his, and anyone that disagreed with his views on the war, politics, and Germany as a leading world power. Regardless of your views on Hitler, these are Top 10 interesting facts about Hitler.


10. He was a Vegetarian

Due to the fact that he had a farting disorder (meteorosis), he led this lifestyle. He had a love for pastries, which added to the problem. Hitler eventually changed to a vegetarian diet, in an attempt to avoid dairy, and foods that would exacerbate the problem. Stomach pains and cramps were a problem associated with his condition, which caused him to have to leave meetings, during important conversations and planning.

9. He was Extremely Superstitious

Hitler never removed his coat in public, considered the number 7 to be a “lucky” number, sought out advice from fortune-tellers and astrologers, and even the Swastika was believed to have magical powers. Whether any of his superstitions were true or not, he was said to be an extremely superstitious leader, and one that often sought information and advice from higher beings, and those who he believed sat in a position of power.

8. Hitler Loved Sweets

It was also noted that Hitler loved sweets and chocolates; in fact, certain reports detailed that he would consume up to 2 pounds of chocolates each day. Pastries and cakes were also a favorite of his, due to the vegetarian diet he followed; he added sugar to wine, and added sugars to most of the foods and drinks he consumed.

7. He was An Insomniac

Hitler did most of his work overnight, and used to go to bed around 4 or 5 AM. It was noted that his fear of the dark was one of the reasons that he was an insomniac, and did his sleeping when it was light out. He also had a fear of the unknown, so it was said he always checked his bed, and below it, to ensure he was alone when going to bed each night (day).

6. He Wanted to Be An Artist

Drawings, paintings, art, timepieces; Hitler was interested in, and had a love for all of these things. He sang in a chorus choir, and took singing lessons to help improve his voice. He worked as a watercolor painter during the time period he lived in Vienna. It also is stated that one of the main reasons he hated his father, was the fact that he loved the arts so much, but he denied him the opportunity to pursue this career path when Hitler was younger.

5. Fear of Blades

Although he killed many while in power, the man had a fear of blades, when they were in other people’s hands. It was even said that he had a fear of getting hair cuts, and would scream excessively during the process of getting his hair cut. It stemmed from a paranoia that he had, which other people wanted to end his life, due to the way he led, and ended so many lives during WWI.

4. 1938 Named Him Man of The Year

Time Magazine named him man of the year, and put him on the cover of their magazine in 1938. He was listed as one of the greatest threats to democracy; the magazine stated that his rise to power, in such a short period of time, and ability to get other nations to do what he wanted, was the reason that they named him man of the year for 1938, to the disdain of many readers.

3. He Was Famous

Well, for the time period at least. Many doubles were cast to play the role of Hitler. It was said that these doubles were set up to fall in the battlefield, so that he could go down as a hero during war. They were even taught to walk and speak like Hitler, and these men even had their spines broken in the same place that Hitler’s was broken, in order to give the distinct curvature in his back.

2. He Only Had One Testicle

An injury to his abdomen was one result of an injury on the battlefield, and the doctor who saved his life claimed that during fighting on the battlefield, he also lost one testicle. “Screamer” was a nickname that was coined to Hitler following this ordeal and his battle injuries, due to the fact that he would scream and cry over the injuries that he had suffered, even after how much harm he had done to those that he hated while in power. The doctor also noted Hitler’s first question was if he could still bear children after this incident.

1. Blow Up Dolls

To help prevent syphilis, it was stated that he was the inventor of the blow-up doll, for his soldiers. It was a top-secret mission when the dolls were being invented, and the dolls were even made in a smaller size so they could fit in the bags soldiers carried. French prostitutes brought many illnesses and STDs and syphilis was one many soldiers contracted; Hitler’s response was the blow-up doll to give his soldiers while traveling, and while they were off the battlefield.

Although he is one of the most hated men in history, there are many unique facts about Hitler, that many did not know during the time of the war, and for several years following his death. These are just a few of the many things that people might not have known about the dictator; most occurring during his time in power as a military leader, but many preceded and some followed his time in power, which added to the allure of his life, throughout all of these years in history.

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