best antibiotic for wound healing

10 Ever Best Antibiotics For Wound Healing and Allergies

Even though we are in the 21st century where every aspect of life is supposed to be perfect due to the numerous scientific and technological advancements made, it’s however very shocking that these are the very same periods that a lot of people are getting sick from the infections brought along by bacteria. Though there are ways of fighting each of these bacterial infections and that is through the use of antibiotics, some of them are just not what they are portrayed to heal. That is why we have made a list of the 10 ever best antibiotics that heal wounds and allergies faster.


best antibiotic for wound healing

Here are the top 10 best antibiotics ever:

10. Amoxicillin

This is a very popular antibiotic which stems from the beta-lactam category of penicillin. It is very effective for treating various bacterial infections by making sure that the cells involved in the production of proteins which the bacteria depends on in order to survive are destroyed. This means that the bacteria are not provided with what they need to survive and so they die off. Infections brought about by E. coli are one of the infections that Amoxicillin treats quickly.

9. Cephalexin

This is a very powerful antibiotic which is well known for its ability to treat various infections like that of the urinary tract, ear and even on the skin. Cephalexin ensures that an obstacle is created to impede the growth and multiplication of the bacteria in the infected area which gradually leads to the dying off of the bacteria as it finds it very difficult to survive under the conditions provided by the Cephalexin antibiotic.

8. Augmentin

This antibiotic also belongs to the category of antibiotics from penicillin. The main work of Augmentin is to see to it that each and every bacterium that has grown to resist the effects of penicillin is effectively eliminated to ensure that the wound heals very fast.

7. Bactrim

This is a very effective antibiotic for the treating of a number of infections like ear and urinary tract infections, diarrhea and bronchitis. The sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim which are its main components are known for their ability to fight a number of bacterial infections.

6. Clindamycin

It is an antibiotic that is well known for being able to heal wounds and infections that are caused by anaerobic bacteria by preventing the development of the ribosomes of the bacteria.

5. Ertapenem

This is an antibiotic which is very potent when it comes to the treatment of infections caused by bacteria like the Gram-positive and the Gram-negative.

4. Vancomycin

This is an antibiotic which is very effective in treating infections like staph and that of the intestines.

3. Cefazolin

This is an antibiotic which is administered through an injection or is included in your intravenous fluid. The taking of cefazolin helps the body to destroy a number of bacteria that causes infections like the urinary tract, the lungs, the skin and even the valves of the heart.

2. Imipenem

This is another top-notch antibiotic which is very effective in impeding and stopping bacteria from growing. Through this way, the bacteria found on any wound are effectively and efficiently destroyed and this allows the wound to heal quickly. Imipenem can also be used in combination with different antibiotics.

1. Honey

This is a natural antibiotic which has been traditionally used for a very long time in the treating of wounds. Recent studies have proven that honey also has the ability to act as a very potent antibiotic which prevents a wound from getting infected by bacteria thereby speeding the rate of healing.

These are the best 10 antibiotics for wound healing and allergies quickly.

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