Biblical Characters

10 Shadowy Biblical Characters No One Can Explain

Biblical Characters. Like any other religious epics, our very own acknowledged Bible is filled with a plethora of events and randomly intrigues characters. And more often than not, certain characters are like vignettes – coming in, doing their thing, and passing by just to never meet again. Some of these are just embellishments, but many are there who require more manifest than any other, begging for explanation. And at times, some are just weirdly attached.


Biblical Characters

Here we’ve created a list of such cameo characters who tend to intrigue us in one way or the other.

10. Cain’s Wife

We all know Cain, the first man ever born from the story of his judgment over under-appreciation of his fruit basket. According to Bible, due to his merciless killing of his brother, God punished him of life as a fugitive leading his to settle in the Land of Nod. This part is quite famous, but what is unsettling is the after story, when we’re suddenly confronted with his wife. There is no mention of the place where she came from, or about her existence anyways. The fact that Cain’s family was the very first in nemesis makes it more puzzling, leading us to believe that she was one of her close family maybe niece, daughter, sibling, or cousin etc. The silence of bible about her doesn’t adds up completely, but it is often said that she was his very own sister Awan.

9. Melchizedek

Undoubtedly, his is one of the most cryptic personation in the whole text of Bible. Melchizedek: the priest-king of Jerusalem was head of a hierarchical religious cult relying lavishly on ritual ethics. But this consorts his figure in one of the paragraphs. While in other section of New Testament, he is more of a messenger and some Hebrew even believe him to be Shem, Noah’s son. In Christian groups, he’s often considered as a messiah prior to Jesus Christ pertaining some of the traits and preternatural assets similar to Christ himself. In some of the circles, he is even known to be earlier incarnation of Holy Spirit.

8. God’s favourite

In the John’s Gospel, there are repetitive mentions of one of the god’s favorite patriot, portrayed as ‘The disciple whom Jesus loved’. One can find his presence in the magnificent last supper, Jesus’s crucifixion and even at the time of his resurrection. There had been so many debates over the identity of this figure. Some believe his to be John, the Apostle but his absence at the time of crucifixion doesn’t really help with the theory. While other state him to be Lazarus, who was resuscitated by Christ. There are other considerations also, and a possibility is also laid that text ruminates the reader as his favorite.

7. Onan

Onan, the second son of Judah, and the younger sibling of Er who was prosecuted by God for a reason unknown to man is also one of the mysterious figure of the bible. According to bible, after Er deceased – it was on Onan to impregnate Er’s widow, Tamar to continue his family lineage. But according to Genesis 38:9, he was displeased by the idea and refrained from it after bedding her. Due to which, God took his life laying the job to next in line Shelah, but this time Judah refused. The next part is sleazier, when Shelah and Judah become parents to twins. This has become a tale of sexual gratification making it vile in religious context to have sex for pleasure which gives the further furbished idea of bedding only for reproduction.

6. Joseph Barabbas

After resignation of Judas from the 12 gospels of Israel, there was quite a rush between Jesus’s disciples to fill the gap. Over 120 candidates were considered which was later come down to one selection, Matthias. To our surprise, there is no mention of him either about his place of existence. Some consider him to Zacchaeus, tax collector. There’s also an identity whose figuration is mysterious – Joseph Barabbas who was a part of the most confident considerations. But what makes the story more maneuvering is the mentioning of James in Mark 6:3 as Jesus’s most loyal which was later assigned as an alias by the book of acts for reasons unknown.

5. Simon the Zealot

One of the 12, he’s undoubtedly a significant character to come across and the designation. Some believe it to be just an alias to tell apart from Simon Peter but there are strong opinions of the name being associated with a political movement. Nothing much is known about him, apart from the accusations which later was termed false. As it was not quite possible for him to be part of ‘Zealot movement’ as that did take place long after he was given the nickname by Christ for his religious devotion.

4. Simon Magus

Firstly, Simons tend to be furiously puzzling in the text of Bible. Here we are talking about Simony, based on the figure Simon Magus (Magician) which is now associated with the vile thought of religious manipulation. After being accustomed with the mystical powers of Holy Spirit, this Magician tend to offer money for the secrets of this precast. He is often believed to be a cult leader of some kind who can float and even take wing. Now he’s allied with the founder of Gnosticism.

3. James the Just

He is the most considerate figure in Bible being often cited for advice under the lineage of 12, only after Peter and Paul. There are so many James in Bible that puzzles the incretion of James the Just, who is sometimes considered to be Jesus’s brother. It is said that Jesus choose him to lead the movement after his death. There are sign of respect in Paul’s words which sloped gradually after indifferences in his guideline.

2. Nicodemus

He was an integral part of the Sanhedrin group and later became a good disciple, and an intellectual friend of Jesus. He is mentioned in the New Testament thrice, and according to the text he was leading the Pharisees, groveling the government at the time of Jesus’s crucifixion. In the conversations recorded between him and Jesus, they are known to be having discussion about Christian theology, more significantly about resurrection. Yet, him being a part of such discretion, he remains a puzzling figure. Some believe him to be some kind of wealthy mystical while some complete his story by mentioning his as a martyr who died as a saint.

1. Og

These are by far the most mysterious figures in the history of Bible as the question shifts from who are they to what are they? Some believe them to be part of Nephilim group of giant, while others mention them to be offspring of a feminine and demons or the successors Seth themselves. They are mentioned twice in the Old Testament. The most famous of the group is Og, king of Bashan who was very much hooked with the idea of power which led him to his death along with his whole army. The survivors of the agony were killed thereby destroying the lineage of powerful group Nephilim. There are often debates over their existence, origin and the descendants of the lineage that might be present at the time of Jesus Christ or to surprise, even now.

There are most 10 shadowy Biblical Characters.

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