Good Driving Habits

Top 10 Good and Safe Driving Habits

Are you a good driver? All that depends on how extra cautious you are with your and others’ life on the road. A good driver is one who drives after attaining the minimum age for driving, moves with driving license and takes care of the rules and regulations prescribed. Drive safely, somebody at home waits for you.


Good Driving Habits List

Here is a list giving safe driving and good driving habits. Follow them. Have a happy journey!.

10. Don’t drink and drive

Don’t mix drink and drive. It can be a fatal combination. Alcohol affects your judgment, depth perception as well as important motor skills required to drive safely. It controls your mind and affects your decision-making. In case you are drunk and still wish to go somewhere, hire a driver or board a cab. Drunken driving does not only increases the risks of accidents but also is illegal in many countries. It can land you up in jail.

9. Maintain speed and follow speed limit

Most of the road accidents are due to the reason that people over speed. But, dear all, speed thrills, but it kills, might be not in all cases, but in a many. You should strictly adhere to the speed limits. These speed limits are due to many reasons, such as school nearby, hospital nearby, diversion ahead or whatsoever. Also, in places where there is no speed limit mentioned, you should drive slowly. Slowly does not mean at 20, but it just means you have to adjust your speed depending upon the other vehicles, rush on the road etc.

8. Don’t use cell phone while driving

Cell phones are destruction while driving. Neither text nor calling is recommendable over phone. Cell phones can distract your mind and many of the mishappenings on the road are a result of distraction of mind or disturbance. It is advisable to keep cell phone on silent mode or switched off, though if you get urgent call, then stop your vehicle and then attend the call.

7. Use safety belt

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, here is one more way you can prevent from unwanted problems while driving and have a safe trip. It is not that you should wear seat belts only on highways or so, in fact, it is recommendable to wear seat belts in slow traffic, driving in or near residential areas and so. They help in restricting the inertia of motion, which takes place due to activities like dealing with huge speed breaks, while driving at a high speed when on expressways and applying sudden breaks.

6. Avoid drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is as risky as drunken driving. Before you go driving, make sure you had had a good sleep before. Improper sleep can make you drowsy or lazy, making it difficult for you to concentrate or focus. Blurred vision and lights falling in your eyes, making it difficult for you to keep them open, can make it difficult for you to drive, introducing the risks of accidents.

5. Be cautious in bad weather

It is important to be smart enough to tackle bad weather conditions, but extra smartness can be dangerous. In weather conditions like, fog, mist and rain, it is important to drive carefully. Make sure the wipers of the car are working. Maintain a distance between your car and the other vehicle, as it is quite difficult to judge the exact distance between the vehicles ahead due to reduced vision. Drive slow, keep indicators on, use lights and avoid calamities.

4. Indicating

Giving indications is extremely important, like give indication while turning so that vehicles behind know your move and can plan theirs. At the turns, give horns, so that the vehicles coming from that side know about you. Since the road is not one’s own property, we ought to make it usable by all in a friendly manner.

3.Follow traffic signals

Follow traffic rules strictly. I know you all know the three rules- “red says stop, yellow says get ready and green says go.” Do not just know them but follow them. It is important, first for the pedestrians, don’t trouble their crossing at the roads; secondly, not following rules can land you up in jail or you can be imposed upon with fine; thirdly, there can be collision of the cars coming from different directions, mind it, nothing is more important than life.

2. Be calm and cool

It means that you need to have a good state of health and mind while driving. Moreover, it is necessary for a driver to be calm and cool. You cannot show your frustration on the road. I remember an advertisement punch line, “streets are full of idiots” (ceat tyres), therefore it is necessary to understand this thing also. Be careful! In case of any conflict with anybody on the road, do not panic, and handle the situation like matures.

1. Maintain your vehicle

Go for regular checkups of your vehicle to the workshop. Keep your vehicle tuned up and in proper working condition. Always ensure that brakes and accelerators are working well. Make sure before every journey that the tyres are okay and keep one extra in your car as well. Go for a good mechanic in fact.

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