Foods Not To Eat When Pregnant

Top 10 Foods Not to Eat When Pregnant

The list of forbidden foods when you wear a pregnancy in your belly is one of the highest priorities that you should have. Serious consequences it can have on the health of the fetus eating forbidden foods are too serious to play with them. When you get pregnant, except to observe what your doctor tells you in terms of analysis and rhythm of life, you must have in your purse or stuck on the fridge list of what you can not eat during the 9 months.


Foods Not to Eat When Pregnant

1. Fine Cheese

You can eat grilled parmesan on pasta but you have to stay away from cheese sauce. Sauces are made from unpasteurized milk so they can be the breeding ground for lustering bacteria that can be not only dangerous for you, but also for your child. It is best to avoid cheeses: Brie, Camembert, feta, blue cheese. If you dine in the city, avoid foods with sauces of this type (i.e. Quarto Formaggi pizza, pasta or beef with cheese sauce).

2. Meat that is not Coked Enough

You need to avoid eating any steak unless it is very well done. Avoid burgers, since they are generally insufficiently cooked and unhealthy. Insufficient thermal preparation of meat can lead to toxoplasmosis and the development of a wide variety of bacteria. When you dine in the city, you should ask the waiter to bring you a hot steak that’s cooked deeply.

3. Fresh Fruit Juice

Freshly squeezed juices found on restaurants, bars or various households have no way to be pasteurized, and thus cannot protect you from bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli. In some supermarkets, they sell fresh-squeezed juices in plastic bottles. Same problem, pregnant women should avoid and consume only pasteurized juices such as those in boxes that says 100% fruit (avoid anything containing extra sugar or a lessened amount of natural juice).

4. Sayonara, Sushi

If you are a sushi fan, then you must abstain nine months of this delicacy. Although fish and seafood are generally a good source of protein, raw seafood can be a source of very dangerous parasites and bacteria. Pregnant women should eat only fish or seafood that’s been cooked very well.

5. Dough Biscuit

When you bake cookies, maybe you’re tempted to taste a bit of dough while you’re preparing to see how consistent or sweet they are. It is a good idea because the hull contains raw eggs. Even just a small bite can put you at great risk. Statistically, it is estimated that 1 in 20,000 eggs contains salmonella bacteria. Not to have problems, resist the temptation to taste any uncooked dough or any raw egg-based filling.

6. Mayonnaise and Homemade Salad Dressing

Raw eggs are often used in many households for preparing sauces, recipes, salads or cooking. During pregnancy, if you really want to use this type of sauces, opt for the ones found in supermarkets as they are pasteurized. Also recommend for your health is to quit mayonnaise in pregnancy and only use as a salad dressing consisting of salt and lemon, olive oil and grape seed or sunflower oil.

7. Homemade Tiramisu

Many desserts in house contain raw eggs, such as tiramisu, meringue and mousse. If you really want to eat this type of cake but you cannot find any commercial one to trust, than you can buy pasteurized eggs sold by certain supermarkets. You can find this type of information on their box.

8. Freshly Filled Chicken

A stuffed turkey or chicken may be a good solution for food if you’re running out of time. But the juice from fresh chicken mixed with different products provide the ideal environment for bacteria growth. An alternative is to buy frozen stuffed chicken that was not defrosted yet and put it straightly in the oven frozen.

9. Fish Containing Mercury

Fish is good for you and your baby but you have to make wise choices about the fish they eat. Swordfish, mackerel or shark meat contain large amounts of mercury. This metal is harmful for the child. You can opt for fish with less mercury in composition, such as salmon, cod and canned tuna without oil. If you intend to take fish oil, talk to your doctor first if and see how much he recommends you per day.

10. Meat Pastes or Creams that Go on Bread

Pastes contain perishable meats so they can support the development of bacteria. Even if your fridge is set to the lowest temperature possible, you will not completely prevent the formation of bacteria. Therefore you should avoid creams based on meat, chicken pies, pork, liver of any kind. The meat is sold in boxes is fine during pregnancy only from this point of view. However, it is not a healthy choice in general.

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