Hangover Cures

Top 10 Hangover Cures From Around The World

Alcohol is something we all know is bad for health. But still, we like to have it once in a while. That is okay when you do it in moderation. However, a boozing spree may cause immense headaches and fatigue next morning, or ‘Hangovers’ as we call them. People around the world use different methods to cure these hangovers.


Best Hangover Cures

Here is a list of the best hangover cures from around the world:

10. Roman Cures

Romans have loved wine since ages. Though they mostly mixed alcohol with water, sometimes even the diluted wine was consumed too much. Apparently, this caused body ache and headaches in the morning. One bizarre cure was to crush a snails head and rub it on the forehead. Another remedy was to fry a bird and eat it completely. These methods have no scientific relevance. Though, they seemed to work for the Romans.

9. Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe’s hangover cure is still considered to be a good remedy to cure hangovers. Known as the tripe soup, it is made from the digestive tract of cows and pigs. Filled with high amounts of fatty acids and protein, it tastes good as well. Still used in many parts of Europe, Trite soup is a sure shot hangover remedy for many Europeans.

8. Japan

Karaoke and alcohol has been an ancient tradition in Japan. Looking at the life expectancy in Japan, they certainly know the way out of a hangover. Dried Japanese apricots or umeboshi have served Japanese drinkers for ages. A well-known cure to fix hangovers, umeboshi are also known to slow down the rate of aging.

7. Sicily

Dried bull penis has been an ancient cure for hangovers in Sicily. As gross as it sounds, it is actually a good way to cure hangovers. Though none of us would like to try it today, people sparingly used it to get over their boozing spree. Known to be a good source of protein, Sicily hangover cure is one of the most bizarre one we’ve heard of.

6. United States

In United States, the prairie oyster is a well know hangover remedy. It consists of egg yolks, Worcestershire sauce, sometimes spirit, salt, pepper, and Tabasco ketchup with vinegar. It is supposed to be drank in one gulp because of the foul taste. A glass of water is usually needed to rehydrate the body. The logic behind is to give the body the raw proteins from the egg.

5. Russia

Russian people are fond of alcohol and have different methods to cure hangovers. Some Russians prefer the liquid from pickles such as Rasool. Kvass is another drink to cure hangovers. It is made from soaking rye breads in sugar and yeast until it becomes edible. Yes it sounds gross but is being used in Russia as a remedy to hangovers.

4. Mongolia

The fermented milk from mares is a popular hangover cure from Mongolia. Most Mongolians are not lactose fans and thus mares milk is a great option to cure hangover. Though, it is mildly alcoholic in nature, it won’t get you drunk for sure. Another crazy hangover remedy is tomato juice with pickled sheep eyes. Tomato juice is a good remedy whereas the eyes are a good source of amino acids.

3. Germany

One method for curing hangovers in Germany is banana and meat. While Banana is a rich source of protein, meat helps body with sufficient amount of proteins. Another cure is pickled herring and beer. There is some sort of link between pickled food and hangovers. Hangovers in Germany are called Katzenjammer, a noise made by cats. It relates to the person who is suffering the hangover (cat sound screeching in his head).

2. Scotland

In Scotland, a glass of buttermilk is considered as a great hangover remedy. Buttermilk is apparently good for stomach and lactose gives your body the needed energy levels. Apart from being a hangover remedy, the buttermilk tastes really good and is consumed frequently by the natives. Salt and pepper further enhance the taste.

1. Britain

Britain has the heaviest drinkers in the whole Europe. They are known for their boozing sprees. Apparently, something had to be done to develop a hangover cure in Britain. Turns out, University of Newcastle revealed through a study that a bacon sandwich was the best solution to cure a night of heavy drinking. Also, some Britishers use alcohol to cure an alcohol hangover. While it may not be a permanent solution, it actually delays the effects of hangover.

These are the best Hangover Cures around the world and the best foods and drinks that actually work fast to curing a headache hangover.

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