Healthy Diets to Lose Weight

Top 10 Best Healthy Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Weight gain is a major problem in the world today. People who suffer from this condition leave nothing to chance in an attempt to get rid of those excessive pounds. Dietitians, nutritionists and health expert have researched and developed some of the best healthy diets to lose weight.

This is for people who have been categorized as obese and overweight. In other words those with body mass index (BMI) exceeding 25. You can calculate this based on your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height.


Healthy Diets to Lose Weight

Here we have put together the top 10 healthy diets to lose weight fast.

10. Eco-Atkins Diet

This is a low cab diet that has proven to be more effective in short term weight loss. Proponents of this diet claim that you will lose up to eight pounds every month. The diet rapidly improves blood pressure, reduce levels of triglycerides
and cholesterol; the latter being the main causes overweight obesity and heart disease.

Eco-Atkins diet consists of healthy plant proteins as substitutes for the highly fatty, cholesterol-laden meats and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to remember that it is a do-it-yourself diet and so needs a lot determination and

9. Negative Calorie Diet

This name was coined from the fact that there are some vegetables usually require more calories to digest than what they contain as nutrient. This means that the net effect following eating this diet is satiety with calorie loss. You need to
find a list of healthy vegetables to add to your negative calorie diet. To a balanced diet, you need to add other nutrients such as protein and iron.

8. Grapefruit Diet Plan

This is another healthy diet to lose weight presented as low-calorie plan with very fast weight loss effects. Proponents of the grapefruit diet plan agree that you can lose up to 10 pounds of your weight in just twelve days. This diet is very ideal for quick, temporary weight loss as your other measures are put in place to enable long-term, permanent weight loss. The benefits of grapefruit diet arise from the addition of grapefruits to a low-calorie and low-fat diet.

7. The Paleo Diet

Paleolithic or Paleo diet is an all-natural healthy diet to lose weight fast. It is usually referred to as â€eat like a caveman diet’ highlighting the fact that cavemen were healthy because they diets were mainly made of raw foods consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals. This diet comes as an eBook which you can buy and follow the diet as written. You will have to all avoid processed foods such as many carbohydrates, sugars as well as some dairy products.

6. Cabbage Soup Diet

This is another healthy diet for losing weight developed for those who wish to lose weight fast and temporarily prior to an important event such as wedding, public performance. With this diet, you can lose as much as 10 pounds of your weight in just seven days. Cabbage soup diet is ideal for short-term quick weight loss as you plan for long weight management program as well to prevent weight gain diet to overeating or holidaying.

5. 5-Day Diet

Another of the best healthy diet plans to lose weight is 7-Day Diet. The designers of this plan claim that this diet can enable those with excess weight lose up to between five and eleven pounds of weight in just one week. It is based on foods that get rid of toxins with the body allowing it to metabolize fast and efficiently. To get started with this diet, you need to check the list of healthy foods and go on to shop for them at the grocery.

4. 5-Day Miracle Diet

Marketed with the banner pounds will fall off by themselves, 5-day miracle diet is another best diet to lose weight that has been proposed to help in very fast loss of weight. It is recommended for those planning or learning to re-adjust their eating habits and maintain their blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it is ideal for people with food cravings and unable to control their appetite.

3. Celebrity Hoodia Diet Two Day Juice Fast

This is another good diet for losing weight fast. People who have designed this diet claim that you will be capable of losing unbelievable ten pounds in a record two days. This is the most ideal weight loss diet for those who want lost several pounds in the shortest time possible and then working on a more robust program for the long term.

2. Biggest Loser Diet

Biggest Loser diet, a healthy diet to lose weight is designed for both short term and long term weight loss, has been highly rated by many people who have successfully lost weight while following it. Biggest loser diet is balanced and so can be used for long-term weight loss too. It consists of 6 weeks of healthy food as well as regular exercise. It is not only good for weight loss but also in prevention of certain diseases.

1. Weight Watchers

This is perhaps the highest-rated of the best healthy diets to lose weight. It has been rated by dietitians, nutritionists and other diet experts as the most effective and healthy weight loss diet for both short term and king term. It is great for
both short term as well as long term weight loss. In addition, you have the liberty to choose what as well as how much you want to eat. You will lose approximately 2 pounds per week.

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