How To Get Rid Of Fleas In House

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House Fast? Top 10 Best Ways

Fleas in your home can pose a real problem for both animals and people living in the home. The fleas are very small and quick insects that thrive off the blood of other animals. This can be a real problem for your dog or cat if you do not attack the issue as soon as possible.


How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Home?

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Home
How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Home

What to do if you have fleas in your house?

Here are the best ways to get rid of fleas in your house and on your pets:

1. Dust the Fleas

The best way to kill the fleas is when they are in the egg. This means while they are in the carpet fibers still in the larva and egg you need to attack before they can multiply. Use a dust that contains Borate acid to kill the eggs before they can hatch. This needs to be done when you won’t be home for a substantial amount of time. Spread the botanical dust on carpets throughout the house and then leave the house for the day. When you return at night vacuum the carpets thoroughly and wash the sheets on the beds.

2. Drown the Fleas

Fills some bowls with water and dish wash detergent. This is like poison to the fleas. They will be attracted to the water and jump right in. When they get a taste of the mix they will die in the water. Place the bowls around the home and close enough to the ground so that they can access the water. At night place the bowls near a light source, they are attracted to the light at night and will inevitably land in the bowls.

3. Move the Fleas

Cedar chips are a great way to move the fleas out of a room or location in the house. They are not toxic to your pet, but the fleas hate the smell and will do just about anything to get away from it. Place them in a room along the corners and wait a while. Vacuum the room occasionally and you should get the majority of them as they are trying to leave that room.

4. Salt the Fleas

Spread common household salt over your carpeting and leave for a week. The salt will attach to the flea and drain the flea and cause scraping which will lead to bleeding and eventually death. The salt will also dry out any egg sacks of moisture. Wait a week and vacuum up all the dead fleas and salt crystals.Always throw away your vacuum bags after cleaning up fleas, or at least wash the vacuum canister thoroughly.

5. Tape the Fleas

If you have the flea problem down to a minimum but you still see a flea on your furniture occasionally, keep a roll of tape handy and tape the fleas. When you see a flea have a piece of tape handy and place it on the flea to instantly trap them. The tape works great in bathrooms and bedrooms when you see the flea but it can quickly disappear. By the time you find your vacuum it is too late and your fingers can never catch them. Th tape will instantly trap and kill them.

6. Vacuum the Fleas

The vacuum is your best friend when it comes to removing fleas from your home. Vacuum often and place some moth flakes either in the vacuum canister or sprinkle on your carpet. This will help to kill any fleas that get in the vacuum that are still alive. Always clean the vacuum after each run in case some are alive inside the canister. It only takes a couple fleas to mass produce a thousand more in weeks.

7. Trap the Fleas

You can purchase flea traps at your local home center and they work great at catching fleas in your home. The flea traps attract the fleas and once they fall into the trap they can not escape. You can purchase one for every room of the house until the fleas are all gone.

8. Wash the Fleas

Your pet may be a carrier for the fleas, bringing them in from the outside every time you take them out for a walk. Washing your pet often will kill most of the fleas. Before you wash your pet place the flea soap near the eyes, nose, anus, mouth and eyes. When your pet hits the water the fleas will look for a safe dry place on the dog and usually will run to those areas. If they are prepared before the water hits, the fleas have no where to run.

9. Feed the Fleas

Adding flea products to your pets food will help to kill the fleas living off the blood of your dog or cat. The tablets will enter your pets bloodstream, then when the fleas suck on the blood it attacks their nervous system and kills them instantly.

10. Collar the Fleas

A flea collar or spot treatment will kill the fleas on your pet and kill the ones that are living off their blood. The flea collars work great at keeping the fleas from wanting to jump on your pet outside, and the spot treatments like Front line and Advantage will kill the fleas that suck on your pets blood. These are the top 10 best way to get rid of fleas in my house and will work on your fleas as well.

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