How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Cats? Top 10 Best Ways

Fleas tend to attack your cat and dogs in the home, or outside. The arrival of the spring and fall months is a time that you enjoy, but for your pets, it can mark the flea season as well. The unsightly creatures are not only going to cause your pet to itch, but they can also cause a number of infections, and if you do not get rid of them quickly, they can also infect you, as the pet’s owner, if you keep your cat or dog in the home.


How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Cats?

So, try out these Top 10 best way to get rid of fleas on your cats, when you do not know the right solution for your pet:

10. Spot On Treatments

These are intended to treat a spot on the cat’s body; but, when applied to the cat’s over layer of fur, and the entire body, it is actually quite effective in treating the fleas that do cover your cat’s body. Make sure with your vet if you can apply it to all areas of the body; but the more you can coat it on the cat, and cover the body, the more effective the spot-on treatment is going to be in ridding your cat of fleas.

9. Shampoos

Just like all products that are designed for an intended purpose, some are better than others. So, before you buy a pricey flea shampoo, try to get reviews. Find out what works for the breed of cat you have, find out what your vet has to say, and make sure you buy a shampoo with quality ingredients. You want to spend a bit more, and get a product that works, so you can eliminate the problem faster.

8. Flea Collars

This works both as a preventive measure, and also to help eliminate the fleas. If worn before infestation occurs, the medication in the collar can help prevent the problem. And, if you put the collar on your cat after the problem occurs, it can help rid them of fleas in a shorter period of time, and help alleviate the pain and itch they will feel.

7. Oral Medications

These medications are meant to disrupt the flea’s life cycle, and to kill them off prematurely. You can add them to your cat’s food or water; and, depending on if it is an OTC or if it is a prescription, you can even find medications that are flavored, so your cats are going to enjoy taking the medicine that you are going to give them, when trying to eliminate the flea infestation.

6. Powder/Spray

These are inexpensive, and can be bought anywhere. When using, follow instructions. Some will require you to dilute them, others you just spray and leave on, and others you have to rinse off after a period of time. As they are mild, they are for smaller problems, and not as big of an infestation, when you are trying to get rid of, and remove the fleas from your cat’s body in less time.

5. Flea Dips

It is a concentrated chemical, it is strong, and it properly has to be diluted in water. It is a potent solution, and should be used on larger problems, and a big infestation. These are potent, and are generally only chosen when there is a severe infestation; you also have to follow instructions for use very carefully, as these can be toxic to your cat.

4. Start In The Home

A clean house is a healthy home; not only for you and the kids, but also your pets. When you clean the home regularly, you can eliminate the fleas, or the possibility that they are going to get into the home. So, clean the house often, make sure to clean their litter often, and take the time to clean the cat’s toys and sleep area.

3. Flea Tape

This can be placed in several areas of the home. It is meant to catch the flea, so that they do not cling on to your cat; instead, they are going to get stuck to the tape. This works much like other household traps you can use to catch mice and other rodents. It is easy to apply around the home, and is a simple solution for those who do keep their cats in the home year-round, and want to prevent an infestation from taking place in the home.

2. Sprays And Foggers

You can use household cleaning products as well. These are specifically designed for your home, rugs, carpets, and other areas of the home. You simply apply them as instructed, and they will help kill the fleas that have found their way in the home, on your furniture, and around, which are attacking your cats at home.

1. Tend To Your Yard

Any outdoor area of the home is going to lead to fleas; since they come from the inside out, try to keep your yard and outdoor areas of the home as clean as possible. Even if your cat does not wander outside, the fleas can eventually find their way in the home, and can even find their way onto your clothing, when you come back in the home. So, if possible, try to maintain the yard, try to keep the outdoor areas of the home clean, and if possible, take the time to use flea prevention products in the yard, so you can prevent the problem before it ever does happen or ever make its way into the home.

There are so many products out there you can use as a pet owner, to help prevent fleas, or to stop them if the problem does take place. You have to find out how bad the problem is, and talk to your vet, to find the ideal solution. Each cat and breed will differ; so, the treatment method you are going to go with, and the one that will work best for each cat, will vary. Some require prescription, with others, OTC medications are a great option and will do the trick in the home.

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