How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy? 10 Best & Fastest Ways

Are you looking for an effective strategy to prevent weight gain, and lose excess weight you have gained during pregnancy? While putting on excess weight during pregnancy is normal, carrying extra pounds is frustrating for many women. Having excess pounds, especially around your thighs, can also make labor a laborious task, causing problems when you precious bundle of joy finally arrives.


How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Consider the following top 10 ways prevent yourself from gaining weight and how to lose weight during pregnancy:

9. Consult

When trying to lose weight during pregnancy, the first thing you must remember is the biology of women is different, especially when pregnant. Hormonal balance varies between women, affecting the overall weight gain process. Instead of adopting a celebrity diet, or fad diet that is trending on the Internet, consult a gynecologist or obstetrician. Let him or her evaluate the status of your pregnancy. Based on the size of the fetus, placenta, and blood volume, the gynecologist will help you set good weight loss goals, which will not put the life of your unborn child and you at risk.

8. Sleep

Sleep in vital, when trying to manage weight during pregnancy. Research has it that pregnant women who sleep sufficiently every day have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) that those who do not, because of the following reasons: first, sleep stimulates body fat cells to release a hormone, leptin, which suppresses hunger cues. Low-calorie intake, lowers the probability of gaining weight, during pregnancy. Second, compared to when you are awake, the pituitary gland in your body secretes more growth hormones, when you are sleeping. Growth hormone stimulates growth and regeneration of muscle cells. It also speeds up metabolism, preventing the body from storing excess sugars as fat. Finally, sleeping for over 8 hours a day lowers cortisol levels in blood. The hormone, cortisol, has a bad reputation of lowering body metabolism, increasing risk of obesity.

7. Cravings

Cravings are normal during pregnancy. They are also one of the main reasons why women gain excess weight, while in this state, and have problems losing it thereafter. Overcome the ice cream, chocolates, or any other craving that you might have, if you want to maintain a trim look during pregnancy. The best strategy for controlling your sugar cravings is to stuff on foods with a low Glycemic Index (GI). They will help maintain an optimum blood sugar level throughout the day, lowering the lows and highs that spur cravings, while in this state. Generally, low-calorie intake promotes pregnancy weight loss.

6. Substitute Foods

Review the composition of your kitchen and substitute unhealthy foods with healthy ones. For instance, if you liked eating pastries, doughnuts, and ice creams when you are not pregnant, replace them with healthy alternatives such as non-fat yogurt, fruit smoothies, and whole-grain bread. You should also eat fish, skinned chicken, or any other lean meat, instead of red meat. Such foods have low caloric levels. They will prevent accumulation of fat during pregnancy. Whatever you do, never include weight loss pills in your diet when pregnant. They contain ample amounts of caffeine, amphetamines, and at times cocaine, which is unsafe for your baby or you.

5. Vegetables and Whole Grains

Instead of stocking up on red meat, junk, and other unhealthy foods that can have a negative impact on your health, during pregnancy, eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains, if you want to shed your excess pounds. Such foods are very nutritious and rich in fiber. They lower your satiety cues; keep you satisfied for a long time, and therefore, fast track pregnancy weight loss.

4. Fruits

Mineral and nutrient-rich fruits such as mangoes, oranges, carrots, and broccoli will also keep your immunity in check; protecting your unborn child from serious developmental issues.

3. Food Portions

Watch your food portions carefully, when losing weight during pregnancy. Instead of binge eating (two to three heavy meals per day); spread your meals into five or more small portions. This way, you will be feeding your baby with all nutrients needed for proper development. You will also maintain an optimum blood sugar level and keep your body’s metabolism high, while keeping calorie intake low. This helps maintain a trim body safely, throughout pregnancy.

2. Water

In addition to eating the best diet for pregnant women, replace all sugary drinks (soda, juices, etc.) with clean water. It is advisable that you drink around half your body weight daily, to flush out toxins, sugars, and other body components that can have a negative impact on weight loss. For instance, if you weigh 180 pounds, drink 90 ounces of water daily, for best results.

1. Exercise

Contrary to what skeptics preach, exercising regularly during pregnancy is among the best ways to stay in shape. Instead of lazing on the couch, eating snacks as you watch television, do light house chores to keep your body healthy. You should also take brisk walks in the morning, swim, or ride a stationary bicycle in your home, to ease the inconvenience of pregnancy, lose weight, and keep your unborn health. Yoga and monitored pilates exercises can also come in handy.

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