Illegal Ways To Make Money

Top 10 Illegal Ways To Make Money Fast

People face a lot of problems and may go through a lot of hard times in their lifetime, but will think that everything will be alright in some instances. When it is observed that one is surrounded by dark clouds, one gets panicked. It takes a lifetime to make a man a human, but it takes only a fraction of a second to transform a man into an animal. In this instance, a person forgets all his ethics and moral values. This moment arrives with hunger, and he forgets all the good things and will be ready to do anything and everything. In such conditions, a man will prefer illegal ways to earn money, and there are many ways in making money illegally. The top ten ways of making money illegal are as follows.


Illegal Ways To Make Money

10. Scamming

Scamming is an easy process to earn money illegally. It is an easy way of lying. One example of scamming is: we can sell shares through fake agencies and after a certain period of time, we can tell the clients that the company has crashed and all the money that they have invested in the shares has been lost or gone wasted. Another easy way of scamming is can take the credit card information of the client by faking a pizza delivery service or by giving fake advertisements that you have won some lucky draws.

9. ATM Skimming

Making money in this way needs a lot of technology. To do this, you have to fix a tiny camera in the ATM room. By doing so, whenever a person comes in to withdraw cash from his account, the tiny camera zooms in and takes the card number and ATM pin that the person has entered. As soon as the person leaves the ATM parlor, you can create a duplicate card with that number and can sweep the entire money from the account.

8. Donation Scam

This is a simple way of making money. You can approach offices, companies, colleges, factories, and houses and can ask them to provide donations by showing any fake cause with all the paperwork and creating an imaginary trust. After gathering all the money, simply disappear from that place.

7. Kidnap For Ransom

This is a simple task. At first, you have to select a very rich person, track her or him, and must find out the route that she or he goes. After that, make a good plan to kidnap the selected person, and make sure that you don’t leave your identity during this process. Now, after kidnapping the selected person, contact his or her family and ask for ransom. It is better to take safety measures before you go to make money. After making sure that all the situations are under control, release the person. With that money, go far from the city and enjoy life.

6. Blackmail

To do this you have to select a very rich person, spot him and track his or her details. Make a deep inquiry about the person and get all his or details regarding his or her personal life, present or past relationships, business strategy, and affairs. When you find something strange about the person, contact the person and blackmail him or her that you are having evidence about his personal matters or affairs. Threaten them to pay the amount that you are asking for, or you will leak his or their secrets.

5. Fake Freelance Jobs

Usage of the internet has been increasing these days, and the negative influence of the internet is also increasing rapidly. Nowadays, most people go for freelance jobs as it is very convenient. This is an easy way of fooling by posting free jobs, getting the work done, and then vanishing. There is no need of paying money to the freelance worker. After some time sell the work to other companies and earn a lot of money.

4. Drugs

As the culture is growing rapidly, people in the cities are getting addicted to drugs. They are not only addicted to it but are also ready to do anything for getting the drug supply. So, the consumers take advantage and sell the drug at a very high price. Drugs import and export is a very profitable business, but it is a risky job to do, as it is illegal to provide drugs. Smuggling is the only way to export or import drugs.

3. Fake Prize bonds

Many people are attracted to losing money like lotteries and bumper prizes. In this process, you can start a fake prize bond saying that to buy the product and will select a lucky draw and give the money to that person. To do this \, sell as many products as possible and at the end, give the prize money to any member of your company and make sure that his identity must be kept secret.

2. Imposter Scam

This is an easy process to earn money. To do this you need to select a person whose relatives such as children, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, or grandfather are somewhere abroad. Make a phone call to them through some reference and ask them for money, saying that his or her relative is in deep trouble. To make them believe, create some fake setup that will support your story. Generally, old citizens can be easily trapped in this method.

1. Facebook

Facebook has become a very important part of everyone’s life these days. They post each and every status regarding their habitual things and put their Facebook profile to give complete information about the person. The thing you can do is, hack a person’s account and then ask his or her friends for money, saying you need some money urgently. You can also ask them to give their credit card information.

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